To Have and To Hold: Wedding Wishes for the Happy Couple

Sophisticated Wedding Card, White Shoes, and Bouquet on a Gleaming Wooden Table. A Blend of Modern Elegance with Rustic Warmth.
Sophisticated Wedding Card, White Shoes, and Bouquet on a Gleaming Wooden Table. A Blend of Modern Elegance with Rustic Warmth.

Something old and something new? Old-fashioned best wishes expressed in fresh messages paired with a trending wedding card and fonts are the perfect combination for your wedding congratulations. The wedding weekend may be a blur, but the newlyweds will appreciate your well-chosen words when they cozy up post-honeymoon for a thoughtful look through their treasure trove of cards. A few guidelines will steady you down the greetings aisle to a memorable wedding message.

  • Take your cues from the couple’s invitation to select a design that connects. The style they chose for one of the most important pieces of stationery in their lives expresses their newly-joined tastes on some level.
  • If you have a general idea of their wedding trip destination (cruise, ocean resort, mountain cabin) you might opt to congratulate them with a nod to their honeymoon in the images and text on your greeting.
  • Photo uploads always add a pop of personal to a card, and this is a great opportunity to showcase their engagement picture or a favorite snapshot. 

A lot of us get cold feet at the thought of composing a message from scratch, so we’ve complied some ideas to inspire your inner wordsmith. Feel free to tweak one you like, or copy and paste the whole thing, adding a couple of lines uniquely from you.

Wedding Congratulations

There are almost as many ways to congratulate the happy couple as there are couples! But maybe one of these will speak for you or stir your heart to know exactly what your own words should be. 

  • May your Grand Adventure bring you joy and grow your love! Congrats, Will and Ellie!
  • Celebrating your love, your dreams, your hopes, your happiness. Congratulations, Margo and Seth!
  • You’re off on your journey as “Mr. and Mrs.” – sealed with one of the World’s Greatest Kisses! All the best to you, Lainee and Ron!
  • This calendar day is yours now, Maria and Eli. Wishing you years of one happy day after another! 
  • May your marriage be filled with more love and laughter than you ever imagined, Chelsea and Dan!
  • Congratulations on your marriage, Kim and Brian! Best Wishes for much happiness together!
  • He said. She said. Boom! Married. Happy Life, Jon and Maria!
  • So happy for you on your Wedding Day, so hopeful for your future! Congratulations, Karen and Shawn!
  • May your love sparkle and fizz for years to come, Christine and Ryan!
  • Best wishes to the Bride and Groom! May your marriage bring you a lifetime of happiness, Emily and Michael!
  • Vows and a kiss – one Mister and one Miss become One. Wishing you a lifetime of loving each other more every day, Genji and John!
  • Here’s to you! Cheers to you! To a happy marriage of lasting love, Suzanne and Kelly!
  • May all your days together grow the joy of this day. Congratulations, Annie and Todd!
  • Wishing you all the happiness your two hearts can hold together, Lauren and Cody!
  • Woohoo! You tied the knot! We couldn’t be happier, Sammie and Mark!
  • Alexandra and Pete, your love is absolutely breathtaking. I’m so excited to see you both continue on this journey together as husband and wife.
  • May your journey together be one of growing in love and wonder, Beth and Peter. Best wishes!
  • A toast to the happy couple! To lasting love! To growing joy! To you, Carey and Brad!
  • Wishing you Wedding Day joy and a lifetime of happiness, Brooke and Drew!
  • Celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs. Teagarden! Wishing you every happiness, Kate and Charles!
  • May the journey you two have begun always be sweet. All the best, Victoria and Dylan!

Wedding Congratulations for Daughter, Son, Grandchild

A blink ago, they were infants cuddled sweetly in your arms. What a day of joy and amazement, that this young woman, this young man, have grown so quickly into bride and groom. Your words more than any will stay in their hearts. What is yours telling you to say?

  • You’ll always have our love and support and our very best wishes, Tess and Joe. Congratulations! 
  • It’s an old saying, but we feel how true it is. We aren’t losing a son |daughter|, we’re gaining a daughter |son| – and we couldn’t be happier! Congratulations with all our love, Haley and Christian!
  • Ashley and Nick, we love you both so much, and we love who you are together. With all our love on your Wedding Day and always!
  • You walk down an aisle today, walk from old to new and forever forward, hand in hand. Our love goes with you. Our support is always yours. Love you both so much, Marni and Peter!
  • Scott, we realized just how smart you are when you grew up to choose Liza! All our love and congratulations to you both!
  • That spark in your eye, that shy smile gave you away, Michele. And you couldn’t have chosen better than Daniel. We’re so happy for you both! Congratulations!
  • You open a new chapter of our family history today, Sarah and Steven. Can’t wait to see your story unfold!
  • Game. Set. Match! Congrats, Dani and Zac!
  • All our love goes with you into your new life together. We’re so happy to celebrate you, Mr. and Mrs. Hartwood!
  • It’s such a happy day for our family! What joy, to celebrate your marriage, your love, your commitment to each other. All the best to you, Amanda and Matt! 
  • From lace curtains to wedding dress, how the time has flown. Look at you, Kimberly! Beautiful. Accomplished, Grown. So proud to say this amazing daughter is my own. Congratulations, Sweetheart! 
  • Our hearts are singing with yours, Taylor and Jesse! Happy Wedding Day!
  • May the journey you’re beginning together today be as joyful and deep as the one that led you to each other. With all our love, always, Steph and Ian! 
  • There might be a happier grandma out there somewhere. Not. Love and congratulations, Olivia and Jason!
  • Your wedding day! Cherish the wonder, the excitement, the joy and love gathered to celebrate yours. Congratulations, Melissa and Austin!
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