10 Charming Bridal Shower Games and Advice to Celebrate the Bride

A lively scene unfolds at the bride's bachelorette party, depicted with women joyfully raising champagne glasses in celebration. Adorned in luxurious silky robes, each woman holds golden temporary tattoos in their hands, with some proudly displaying 'Bride' while others sport "Bride's Squad"
A lively scene unfolds at the bride's bachelorette party, depicted with women joyfully raising champagne glasses in celebration. Adorned in luxurious silky robes, each woman holds golden temporary tattoos in their hands, with some proudly displaying 'Bride' while others sport "Bride's Squad"

Do you know a beautiful bride-to-be who’s excited to walk down the aisle soon?

No bride should embark on her marriage journey without having an incredible bridal shower party first. From bridal shower party invitations to food and bridal shower games, there are all kinds of bases that the planner has to cover to give the bride the party she deserves.

One of the trickiest aspects that often stumps planners is the bridal shower party games. How can you plan enough exciting activities that bring the whole group together? Read on for our complete bridal shower party games guide to get game ideas and other helpful planning advice.

Invitation to the bride-to-be's elegant bachelorette brunch adorned with delicate teacup motifs and floral accents, exuding simplicity and sophistication.

Easy DIY bridal shower invitations

Create beautiful bridal shower invitations with our easy-to-use editor!

Easy DIY bridal shower invitations

Create beautiful bridal shower invitations with our easy-to-use editor!

Invitation to the bride-to-be's elegant bachelorette brunch adorned with delicate teacup motifs and floral accents, exuding simplicity and sophistication.

How Many Games Should You Play at a Bridal Shower?

Lots of brides worry and ask themselves, “How can I make my bridal shower fun?” The greatest way to break the ice and get everyone to smile is by playing games together. Since there are so many to pick from, you might need help figuring out how many games you should plan at your bridal shower.

There are several factors that you have to consider before settling on the number of games:

  • How long you expect the whole bridal shower party to last
  • How many people will attend
  • How much variety you and your guests would appreciate

If you’re throwing a more intimate bridal shower at home, then you might need to have more games available since fewer people will participate. If your party will only last for a couple of hours instead of several, then that leaves less time for games.

As a general rule of thumb, you might expect your group to get through two to four bridal party games for an event that lasts about three hours. However, you should be prepared with one or two extra games in case the group breezes through them faster than expected. You also shouldn’t feel the need to rush through games if guests want to have a leisurely pace.

Interactive Bridal Shower games Idea Card: A woman meticulously ticking off her preferred choices on a card, ensuring every detail is just right for the special occasion.

What Is the Order of Activities at a Bridal Shower?

Since it’s impossible to predict the complete flow of the party in advance, you have to consider two factors: the vibe you want at the party and how well the guests know each other.

Some brides might want to have a relaxing game to start the party before building up to more excitement. Other brides may want non-stop thrills, which means that the order doesn’t matter quite as much.

If your guests haven’t met before at the bachelorette party or don’t know each other well, then you should always start with a game that’s meant to break the ice and encourage conversations between guests. Once everyone feels more comfortable around each other, you can move on to sillier games without people feeling self-conscious.

Bridal Shower Game Prizes

What kind of games do people play at bridal showers? Sometimes the most appreciated games are the ones that come with bridal shower prizes.

Take some time to think about each party guest’s personality so you can settle on some prizes that make sense for their taste. Here is a range of ideas to get your bridal shower party planning rolling:

  • Personalized T-shirts
  • Mini wine bottle samplers
  • A self-care basket
  • A box of truffles
  • A cozy robe
  • A restaurant gift card
  • Friendship bracelets
  • A rom-com DVD with candy and microwaveable popcorn
  • A manicure certificate

You can also stock up on a bunch of little gifts under $5 to hand out as second and third-place prizes. This makes it possible for every guest to win at least one prize during the bridal games.

10 Fun Ideas for Bridal Shower Games

It’s helpful to read about a bunch of bridal shower games so you can feel confident about the handful that you pick. Whether you need bridal shower games free or fancy, here are some wonderful options to explore:

1. A Wedding Vision Board

Vision boards are a popular activity, especially at the end of the year when people are fantasizing about the good things that the new year will hopefully bring. Creating a vision board involves a poster, various magazines and images, scissors, glue, markers, and other decorations like glitter or stickers. The goal is to hunt for your favorite pictures and create a beautiful collage.

Instead of creating a New Year’s vision board, you and your guests can get crafty by making wedding vision boards. Guests can make their vision boards to represent what they think the bride’s dream wedding will look like, what their own dream wedding would look like, or general wedding inspiration.

Be sure to have plenty of wedding magazines and other similar media so everyone will have lots of different pictures to choose from. This craft is the perfect chance to chat, sip on some wine, and admire each other’s visions. Laid-back brides will love this low-key bridal party activity.

2. A Wedding Budget Game

It’s no secret that sticking to a budget is perhaps the most stressful aspect of getting married. With so many different things you must pay for to create a gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception, it’s no wonder why people’s heads spin. If you’re looking for unique bridal shower games that can make light of this stress, you and your guests could enjoy a wedding budget game.

To play, you should assign everyone a wedding budget that they must follow. You can set up a worksheet that has different categories like catering, wedding dress, venue, guest list, and more. Within each category, you can feature photos and descriptions of varying options that each have their own price tags.

For example, within the catering category, guests can choose between having the following at their imaginary wedding:

  • Pizza buffet ($100)
  • A taco bar ($150)
  • Chicken breast served over rice and vegetables ($200)
  • Sushi ($250)
  • An elegant pasta dish ($300)
  • A fancy French feast ($350)

Each guest will have to think about what their priorities are as they weigh each option in all of the categories. If your guests only have $2,000 to spend in total, then they’ll have to choose a cheaper wedding venue if they want to splurge on high-quality catering.

It’s a fascinating conversation starter since every guest will have a wedding that looks different. Some savvy guests might find a way to spend all $2,000 without going over budget, while others might be content with spending less.

3. A Blind Wedding Cake Test

It’s true that people go to weddings to celebrate happy couples, but they stick around to enjoy the cake. You and your guests can indulge before the wedding activities by hosting a blind wedding cake test at your bridal party. Everyone will have a blast sampling different kinds of cakes while wearing blindfolds and guessing what each flavor is.

Of course, you can serve simple classics like vanilla cake topped with strawberries, chocolate, carrot cake, funfetti, and salted caramel. You’ll also need to throw in some more unique flavors that are harder to guess, such as chai, bananas foster, honey lavender, and cookie dough.

To make this activity more lighthearted and hilarious, you can throw in some absurd flavor combinations that people would never serve at a wedding. Some bizarre cake flavor ideas could include chocolate cake frosted with guacamole, vanilla cake frosted with mashed potatoes and gravy, and lemon cake drizzled with hot sauce. Be sure to warn your guests before you serve any unconventional cake flavors so they can prepare their taste buds.

Don’t forget to give your guests a pen and paper to fill out each cake flavor guess between samplings. At the end, you can tally up the answers to see who had the most correct wedding cake flavor guesses.

A person delicately sampling a piece of decadent tasting cake with a fork, graciously offered by another person holding a tray. The scene captures the essence of shared indulgence and conviviality.

4. Bridal Shower Bingo

Another bridal shower game that’s sure to be a hit is bingo. This isn’t your standard bingo game since you can spice things up with a wedding theme. Instead of having “bingo” at the top of the sheet, you can put the word “bride” there.

If you want to keep things simple, then you can have numbers on the sheet like other bingo games. This leaves the winners up to chance. Everyone will have to race to fill up their row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Whoever accomplishes this first has to yell out “Bride!” in order to win.

There are other bridal shower bingo templates that you can use online to switch things up. One example is handing out blank cards that each guest has to fill out. Everyone could fill each square with a gift that they think the bride will get. As she opens her gifts, the first person to fully fill up a row wins.

5. Bridal Shower Games: He Said, She Said

One of the best bridal shower games is he said she said. Not only is the game fun but there’s beauty that lies in its simplicity. All you need to do is print out some cards for each guest and compile a list of correct answers from the couple before the party starts.

When it comes to getting cards, you have the choice to print some free ones online or even make your own so you can tailor it to the couple. Some common questions could include the following:

  • Who said “I love you” first?
  • Who is the tidier partner?
  • Who is more extroverted?
  • Who is the night owl?
  • Who is more likely to arrive late to the wedding?
  • Who has the bigger sweet tooth?
  • Who is more spontaneous?
  • Who plans the most romantic dates?

Next to each question, there should be a symbol or word that represents each partner that guests can circle. This could include Mr. and Mrs., he and she, a tie and diamond ring, or the couple’s names. Once you’re all done reading the questions and filling out your answers, you can swap with a neighbor to grade each other’s answers. Since several people could tie for first or second place, make sure you have lots of prizes for this game.

This cheeky game will always be a bridal shower favorite because it gives guests a deeper understanding and appreciation of the couple. With both silly and sentimental questions, this game will make everyone crack up even as their hearts melt.

6. Why Did We Take This Photo?

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a happy couple, so why not let the bride-to-be show off her favorite pictures with her partner? You can display each picture on a board with a number attached. Guests will get a blank sheet with numbers that they have to fill out after studying each photo.

The purpose of the game is to guess the correct reason why the couple felt inspired to take the photos and create new memories. Some photo-worthy moments could include their engagement, adopting a pet, celebrating an anniversary, moving in together, visiting a new country, celebrating a holiday, or meeting the in-laws for the first time.

Some answers could be close enough to the real answer to count as a point, so an unbiased judge will have to grade each sheet to see who got the highest amount of correct guesses. Before you announce the winner, the bride will beam as she gets to reveal the true meanings behind each photo with her partner.

7. Guess Who Said the Marriage Advice

Getting married can be a bit intimidating, so it’s always comforting to get some advice from the people you love most. You can turn this into a cute game at the bridal shower.

Before the festivities, ask each guest to share their greatest piece of advice when it comes to having a successful marriage. You can create a list of marriage advice, similar to this example, and let the guests try to figure out who said each statement. Whoever is the savviest detective with the most points wins a prize.

8. Two Truths and a Lie: Couple Edition

Finding common ground at parties can help guests who don’t know each other bond. A party game that works well with both mixed friends and those in a strong friend group is two truths and a lie. You don’t need any special items for this game, just some creativity.

Each guest has to dig into their memories to come up with two true stories that happened when they were spending time with the couple. They also have to invent a lie that sounds true enough to trick everyone else.

The next step is to take turns sharing these two truths and a lie while everyone votes on any of the statements they think is the lie. Everyone will be fascinated when they study the speaker’s facial expressions and story details to pinpoint the lie and when they have to persuade the group once it’s their turn to share. Anyone who guesses the lie gets a point.

9. Where’s the Bride and Groom?

Does anyone in the bridal party have some basic Photo editing skills? If so, they can help you create hilarious photos that are like the Where’s Waldo? books. For those unfamiliar with this, the purpose of each photo is to find a distinguishable character called Waldo in the middle of a busy photo filled with tons of other characters.

Instead of searching for Waldo, you can Photoshop the couple into different busy photos and turn the hunt into a group competition. You can project each photo onto the wall or create large posters so everyone can see the images with ease.

If you have a large bridal shower party, you can split people into teams and have one member from each group come up to look closely at the photo and earn points for their team. Whichever team earns the most points gets the grand prize. If you’re all playing as individuals, then you can hand out little prizes to whoever finds the couple in each photo.

10. Finish the Love Song Lyric

Nowadays, it’s impossible to count how many love songs exist because it’s one of people’s favorite subjects to sing about. For the bridal shower party, you can round up some of the most iconic love songs in history and songs that represent your relationship with your partner. Take a look at this list of ideas to get you started.

Once guests are settled in and ready to play, you can split them into two teams while making sure that there’s a good mix of ages if people from different generations are attending the party. This makes it possible for older guests to participate if you play love songs from previous generations.

Be sure to set up a podium with two buzzers where one guest from each team can come up to compete against each other. Start playing a love song, and then pause at a noteworthy moment like the chorus. Whoever hits their buzzer first has the chance to correctly finish the song lyric to earn a team for their point. They could even score two points if they’re brave enough to sing the lyrics.

These Bridal Shower Party Games and Advice Will Help Everyone Let Loose

Games are a hit at every party because they break the ice and bring everyone together for some laughs. Organizing any of these wonderful bridal shower party games will give the bride one big hoorah with her dearest loved ones before her wedding day.If you want to set high expectations for your bridal shower party or any other special event, you’ll have to send out gorgeous invitations. Greetings Island teams up with talented artists to provide great invitations for every occasion. Take a look at our invitation collection so you’ll be prepared to dazzle everyone no matter what you’re planning.

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