Best Baby Shower Card Messages & Wishes

Baby shower messages and wishes

Whether yours is a Baby Shower card or New born Baby congrats, a sincere message lights up even sleep-deprived eyes! We’re offering up a boutique of baby-welcoming greetings, and your best wishes can be delivered via text, email, or snail mail.

  • Fun, fancy, sweet, sincere, trendy or traditional – opt for a style that fits the personality of the parent/s or the theme of the nursery.
  • Match your message to the level of connection you have with the mom, dad, or couple. For a casual acquaintance, look for a tasteful image with a general expression of congratulations. 
  • Remember, your card or wish doesn’t have to be perfect. It is the thought that counts!

Let our ideas inspire you, or copy-and-paste a message you like and jot a simple “Congrats!” in your own hand. Shared joy is multiplied joy. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that? 

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Baby Shower Wishes

Sweet little outfits, cozy blankets, and colorful tiny toys? It must be a Baby Shower! Add a Baby Shower Congratulations card to your gift for an extra ounce of thoughtfulness. Tweak one of our messages to create your own, or take the shortcut. Feel free to use any of our ideas to express your congrats. 

  • It’s so great that you’re “parents-to-be,” Emily and Dan! Congrats on your baby shower!
  • The coos and smiles and baby babbles will softly, sweetly start, but, without a word, this tiny person has already won your heart. Happy Baby Shower, John and Kat!
  • Must BEE a special something for your sweet little HONEY! Congratulations, Rebecca!
  • Twins! Twice the hugs, twice the love. Congratulations, Alex!
  • Blankets and sleepers and many-a-toy, given with love for your bundle of joy! Baby Shower Congrats, Lucy!
  • It’s a boy! What a fun shower this will be! Best Wishes, Taylor!
  • For years to come, it’s going to be true your home will be filled with joy – Times 2! Your home will be filled with joy – Times 2! Congratulations on the birth of the twins, Cora and Trey!
  • Congrats on the coming of your little one! You’ll have so much fun with your brand-new son!
  • For you, Alicia, the mum to be! Baby Shower congrats, with love.
  • Baby Shower: All The Things. Baby: All The Love. Congratulations, Briana!
  • New Baby…New adventures for you, Jon and Anita! Congratulations!
  • Those aren’t wine bottles coming at you, Joe and Mia, but you’ll do great! Happy Baby Shower!
  • Something just for you, Baby. Baby Shower Congrats, Ellie!
  • Baby Shower Best Wishes Now: You’ll have all you need, Melissa, to keep her sweetly swaddled, diapered and bottled! 

New Baby Congratulations

In those early exhausted days when a visit can be overwhelming, a card can celebrate the newest baby in the world without disturbing a nap or interrupting a snuggle. We’ve collected some of our favorite messages to welcome a new baby, and all of them are free for you to text, email, or print. Browse through to find one that’s just what you’d say, or let our words nudge your thoughts for words of your own.

  • Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy! How exciting that you have a new son! Congrats, Dan and Ellen!
  • So small at the start, so forever in your heart. Congratulations on the birth of Anna!
  • A baby boy – an armload of joy! Congratulations, Stan and Alexis!
  • Celebrating your new arrival, Ben and Amy! So happy for you!
  • Hello, Baby. Hello joy! Congratulations, Matt and Kim! 
  • Your precious Jada is here at last! Congratulations, Dawson and Sierra!
  • Welcome, sweet little girl, We’re so happy you’re here, Chloe Suzanne! All the best to you, Nick and Sarah!
  • What a beautiful family you’re creating! I can’t wait to watch the baby grow. All my love to you, Erin and Adam!
  • Those aren’t wine bottles coming at you, Joe and Mia, but you’ll do great! Congrats!
  • Hello, Baby. We’ve been warming up our arms just for you! Best wishes, Logan and Steph!
  • New Baby. New downy head. New finger and toes. New love that grows and grows. Congratulations, Jon and Anita!
  • Welcome, Baby Jordan! It’s a wild and wonderful world you’ve come to! Every good wish to you, Stan and Karen!
  • Congratulations on the birth of baby Emily, Aaron and Megan. She’s precious!
  • Ahoy! It’s a boy! Congratulations on adding Logan David to your crew!
  • Amazing. The best qualities of both of you, Dan and Emily, condensed into one tiny human! Congrats!
  • For years to come, it’s going to be true. Your home will be filled with joy – Times 2! Congratulations on the birth of the twins, Cora and Trey!