10 Fall Baby Shower Ideas For A Festive Party

10 Fall Baby Shower Ideas: Inspiration for a Festive Party. Cover featuring a heart-shaped embrace around a pregnant belly.
10 Fall Baby Shower Ideas: Inspiration for a Festive Party. Cover featuring a heart-shaped embrace around a pregnant belly.

There is no better way to celebrate autumn than by also celebrating the arrival of a new baby with these memorable fall baby shower ideas. The leaves begin to change color, there’s a slight chill in the air and the scent of campfire smoke in the evenings.

Invitation adorned with a warm brown-hued flower arch encircling the text, creating a cozy ambiance for the baby shower celebration.

Create baby shower invitations in minutes

Browse gorgeous designs for every party theme!

Create baby shower invitations in minutes

Browse gorgeous designs for every party theme!

Invitation adorned with a warm brown-hued flower arch encircling the text, creating a cozy ambiance for the baby shower celebration.

How Do You Plan a Fall Baby Shower?

Fall themed baby showers should take advantage of all the bountiful things the season offers. Hues of deep golden yellow, burgundy, and orange create a beautiful autumn color scheme. Colorful leaves and fun-shaped pumpkins add fun and drama. Cozy comfort foods and creamy sweet desserts top tables and fill bellies.

When planning a baby shower theme, get a sense of what the expecting mom wants. If she wants casual and fun, try planning an animal or sports-themed shower. If she is hoping for something elegant and warm, stick with understated autumn decor like leaves or fall florals.

No matter which style of baby shower the child-carrying guest of honor prefers, these fall-focused baby shower decor ideas will give you some ideas for the decorations, food menu, and fun games to play. 

Be sure to create a cozy atmosphere for guests, serve soul-warming comfort foods, and create an unforgettable event for the deserving mom-to-be with all of these baby shower ideas.

The Best Fall Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Here’s our list of the best fall baby shower decor ideas. Use this guide to help you plan all the little details from food menus to color palettes. If you can’t decide on just one, use elements from several to create the perfect personalized autumn party.

1. Pumpkin Patch

Invite your guests to meet the new little pumpkin in the patch! A pumpkin patch baby shower theme allows for creative and colorful autumn decor. Serve fall favorites like pumpkin pie, a pumpkin-shaped cheese ball, or a gooey pumpkin cake

For games, have guests choose which pumpkin is closest in size to mama’s belly. Or have guests toss a ring around a pumpkin stem for a fun fall ring toss. Some fun prize ideas include a pumpkin-flavored coffee and mug or a homemade pumpkin mug cake kit. 


Fall baby shower decor ideas can include gourds of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Try finding green and white pumpkins to go alongside the traditional orange pumpkins. Mini pumpkins make great place cards for seating arrangements or hallow out large pumpkins and fill them with flowers for festive centerpieces. 

If the guest of honor is having a little girl, you could tweak the baby shower decor ideas slightly to be pumpkin spice and everything nice. Serve pumpkin spice coffee drinks, and pumpkin spice cupcakes, and decorate with cinnamon sticks and orange pumpkins. 

2. Fall Flowers

Who says flowers are only for spring and summer? There are some gorgeous in-season flowers that come in the later months of the year and these flowers make for a stunning baby shower theme. Go for deep autumn colors like reds, oranges, and yellows. Use greenery in your décor for a beautiful green accent color.

Bright, rustic sunflowers are popular autumn-time flowers and lend themselves to a handful of great baby shower ideas. Sunflower cupcakes are a cute dessert. Serve them on a wooden tiered tray to complete a rustic floral theme. Other sunflower items to add to the menu include a salad with sunflower seeds, and a sunny yellow lemonade as a beverage.

Create a sunflower crown for the mom-to-be and decorate tables with big yellow flowers and burlap table runners. This baby shower theme works well indoors but is also a great outdoor baby shower idea when the weather is nice. Thread sunflowers together to create a gorgeous garland to hang at the entryway to the venue.

Other beautiful flowers to consider for fall flower baby shower decor ideas are chrysanthemums and zinnias. No matter which flower you choose, make them the star of the show by displaying them proudly in all of your baby shower decorations.

Sunflower-themed baby shower invitation featuring a radiant sunflower illustration, set against a picturesque sunflower field backdrop.
Sunflowers and elephant – Baby Shower Invitation

3. Woodland Baby Shower

Adorable woodland animals are a perfect way to celebrate an upcoming bundle of joy. Create an autumn woodland oasis by decorating with foxes, hedgehogs, and deer. Use bright colored leaves and grasses as decorative accents and small tree branches stringed with white fairy lights to add a muted glow. Fill clear vases with acorns and pinecones and use classic white candles to enhance the cozy ambiance. 

Serve foods on round wooden circles and use sprigs of rosemary to look like small trees as garnishes. Let your guests enjoy chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting topped with a chocolate candy to look like an acorn for a rustic, sweet treat.

Colors for this baby shower theme can stay very neutral like browns, tans, and creams. This makes it a perfect option for a gender-neutral baby shower theme if the parents are hoping to keep the baby’s gender a secret until birth. After all, sweet little woodland creatures look adorable on every baby.

Enchanting woodland-themed baby shower invitation adorned with illustrations of forest creatures like foxes, bears, rabbits, and owls, along with graceful trees. On the reverse side, a sweet image of a baby deer completes the rustic charm.
Woodland Wonders – Baby Shower Invitation

4. Fall Foliage

The changing of the leaves is a huge part of the fall season. Turn this into a colorful baby shower theme by using leaves in all your autumn decor. You can collect real leaves to decorate in glass vases with white candles or invest in some faux leaves to use for many years to come.


Create garlands with colorful foliage in different shades of yellow, orange, and brown to drape across tables and chairs, and use fall grasses to add height and dimension to floral arrangements. Simple white vases or large mason jars are wonderful containers for these autumn centerpieces. Have some extra fall foliage, grasses, and flowers on hand, and let guests create their own fall centerpiece to take home after the party.

Serve food with warm spices like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. A spice cake with cream cheese frosting is sure to be a hit with guests. And for the main course, a roasted butternut squash soup, with bread for dipping, is a crowd-pleasing comfort food. 

Charming baby shower invitation featuring adorable hedgehog and apple illustrations, complemented by autumnal hues of mushrooms. Resting on a backdrop of a flat lay with leaves and pine cones, evoking the cozy essence of fall.
Autumn Happiness – Baby Shower Invitation

5. Apples

Autumn is prime apple season. Reap the benefits of this time of year by using apples in your baby shower decor. Decorate by slicing apples into thin rounds and layering them inside clear vases with creamy-colored candles. Use whole cinnamon sticks for decorative accents and a creative play on apple cider.

To amp up the fun, let guests compete against each other in an apple stacking contest and the highest stack will win a prize. Hide apples around the venue and the guest that finds the most apples by the end of the party is the winner. Allow everyone to bring apples home with them to make applesauce after the party. As a party favor, you can hand out small mason jars of homemade apple butter or store-bought from your local market. 

Food ideas

There are endless possibilities with apple-themed food options. Serve apple cider donuts with a sweet vanilla glaze alongside hot mugs of warm, spiced cider. For savory options, try an apple and sausage tart with thyme or apple-infused pulled pork barbecue sandwiches. Guests can take home caramel apples adorned with crushed-up cookies, chocolate candies, or sprinkles as party favors.

6. Football Theme

Celebrate adding a new family member to the team with a football-themed baby shower. Nothing says fall like the start of football season and cheering for your favorite team. This is also a great option for a joint or co-ed baby shower. Have guests dress in their favorite team colors and decorate with footballs, grass-green accents, and referee-themed black and white stripes.

For food, you can stick to finger foods, much as you would serve at a tailgate or football party. For a baby shower, try making them a little more elegant. Serve elevated appetizers like buffalo-style chicken skewers, brisket nachos with a homemade cheddar sauce, prosciutto and artichoke heart pizzas, and bacon-wrapped figs.

Pit guests in a friendly competition with some team-themed games. Split into two groups and battle against each other in some football trivia or a friendly game of cornhole. Or have teams duke it out as to whether mama is having a little football player or a future cheerleader. Let them vote by selecting a pom pom or a mini football and see which team has the most votes. 

7. Camp-Out

Fall wouldn’t be complete without the smell of campfire and s’mores in the air. Organize a camping-themed baby shower with lots of outdoorsy decor and marshmallow-infused treats.

Decorate with lanterns and bring the outdoors in by using real greenery and plants for accents. For the food, use authentic camping equipment for serving dishes or trays. Serve chocolate cupcakes with a toasted marshmallow topping and creamy hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows for guests to enjoy.

Create an elegant tent using gauzy tulle and fairy lights in one area of the party venue. Accentuate the space with pillows and cushions to create a cozy place for guests to sip their hot chocolate and relax. Send each guest home with a mason jar full of homemade hot cocoa mix that they can enjoy later.

8. Harvest Party

The harvest season provides a handful of fall baby shower ideas and is the perfect way to help mom-to-be celebrate an upcoming arrival. Create a harvest mood with cute fall animals, corn stalks, and hay throughout your decor. Deep burgundy, orange, and dark green hues are great accent colors for this autumn decor theme.

Maple is an excellent flavor to use for a harvest gathering baby shower. Guests can munch on a maple bacon snack mix while mingling and then enjoy maple-infused pulled pork sliders with a side of bacon maple baked beans. And for the guests who aren’t expecting, try a maple bourbon cocktail served with a slice of apple or pear and a cinnamon stick for garnish.


For a fun game idea, have guests guess the correct names of baby farm animals and find out if anyone knows that a baby llama is called a cria or a group of baby pigs is called a farrow. Prizes can include a bottle of maple syrup from a local farm or beautifully potted fall flowers guests can use in their own fall decor at home. 

Autumn-themed baby shower invitation adorned with charming illustrations of pumpkins, a fox, squirrel, and hedgehog, all in rich seasonal colors. Resting atop a bed of timeworn straw, exuding rustic charm.
Fall Animals – Baby Shower Invitation

9. Halloween

About as festive as fall baby shower ideas get, a Halloween-themed bash is a fun way to celebrate in October. Guests can dress up in their favorite costumes, or you can give them a costume theme like dressing up to recreate one of their own baby pictures. Create a game by having guests vote on the best match. The guest that best recreates their childhood picture wins a prize.

Hand out goodies to your guests in trick-or-treat-themed bags. Just like mini Halloween candy bars, opt for mini versions of party food favorites. Serve mini tacos, sliders, bite-size tarts, or bite-sized cupcakes topped with Halloween candy favorites.

Along with black and orange for a color scheme, you can incorporate some deep purple hues and silver sparkle. Don’t forget to add a little spooky by placing witch hats or skeletons throughout the party venue.

0 Festive Fall Baby Shower Ideas: Harvest-themed Sweets, Treats, and Adorable Halloween Delights. Smiling ghost, pumpkin, and black cat on the invitation, with black and orange macarons on the flip side.
Peek A Boo – Baby Shower Invitation

10. Thanksgiving

For late-fall baby shower ideas, a Thanksgiving party can be a festive and belly-filling baby shower theme. Instead of cake, let guests get their fill of holiday-themed pies. Serve pumpkin, apple, and pecan pies. Create mini pies for a fun twist that allows your guests to easily taste each flavor.


For Thanksgiving baby shower decor ideas, start with plaids in warm hues like browns, deep oranges, and golden yellows. Utilize any pumpkins still leftover from Halloween and leaves from your autumn decor. A mix of tall and short candles in creamy ivory colors enhances the other golden hues and creates cozy, warm lighting.


Stick to classic, memorable games like baby shower bingo, Thanksgiving trivia, or a fall-themed scavenger hunt. Send guests home with boxes of leftover food just like mom does when you come home for Thanksgiving dinner. With Christmas right around the corner, you could also create custom ornaments to send home with your guests as early holiday gifts. 

It’s Your Turn To Use These Fun and Creative Fall Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are filled with unforgettable memories for new moms and their friends and family. Start planning the perfect autumn baby shower for the mom-to-be in your life using some of these unique fall baby shower ideas. Greetings Island can get your upcoming event off to the best start. Give guests a sneak peek of the party theme by using one of our adorable baby shower invitations. Choose from hundreds of designs to match the unique theme fitting for a special mom-to-be.

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