35 Meaningful Galentine Party Ideas for the Best Girlfriends

Joyful gathering of friends at the beach, backs turned to the camera, arms raised in unison to create a heart shape with their hands. Radiating unity, fun, and friendship, capturing the essence of a memorable Galentine's Day celebration.
Joyful gathering of friends at the beach, backs turned to the camera, arms raised in unison to create a heart shape with their hands. Radiating unity, fun, and friendship, capturing the essence of a memorable Galentine's Day celebration.

As February rolls around, love is in the air, and while Valentine’s Day traditionally focuses on romantic relationships, another celebration is gaining momentum—Galentine’s Day. Conceived by Leslie Knope from the TV show “Parks and Recreation,” Galentine’s Day falls on February 13th and is an ode to female friendships. It’s a day dedicated to appreciating the incredible women in our lives, celebrating sisterhood, and emphasizing the importance of female friendship.

No longer a fictional holiday from a TV show, Galentine’s Day is a day when girlfriends come together to cherish the bond they share, and what better way to do so than by throwing a memorable Galentine party?

An illustration for a Galentine's Day invitation, displaying heart ornaments in pink, light pink, and red, hanging from a tree branch at the top. The background is a soft light pink, with text in burgundy, creating a festive and elegant look.

Easy DIY Galentine’s Day invitations

Create cute designs for Galentine’s Day invitations!

Easy DIY Galentine’s Day invitations

Create cute designs for Galentine’s Day invitations!

An illustration for a Galentine's Day invitation, displaying heart ornaments in pink, light pink, and red, hanging from a tree branch at the top. The background is a soft light pink, with text in burgundy, creating a festive and elegant look.

Whether you’re a group of lifelong friends, coworkers, or newfound companions, hosting a Galentine party is an excellent opportunity to express gratitude, spread joy, and make lasting memories. From relaxing nights at home to fun Galentine activities on the town, celebrate female empowerment with this list of 35 memorable Galentine party ideas.

Girl’s Night Galentine Party Ideas

1. Wine Pairing Galentine Dinner

Curate a menu for an intimate wine tasting at home complemented by diverse and tasty foods, exploring flavor combinations, and enjoying each sip in good company. This intimate gathering creates a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere, encouraging conversations and enhancing the appreciation of both fine wines and friends.

A scene from a Galentine's Day party showing a hand pouring red wine into a glass, capturing the concept of wine pairing. The image includes a table set with various foods, conveying an intimate evening among friends.

2. Movie Night

Host an all-girl Galentine’s party movie night with decadent snacks and champagne. Create a cozy atmosphere with blankets and pillows, and choose a mix of classic favorites and new releases. Set up a snack bar with popcorn, chocolates, and your favorite beverages. Discuss movie choices beforehand to ensure everyone’s preferences are considered. Enjoy laughter, shared memories, and the magic of cinema in the comfort of your own space.

Prefer to get out of the house? Visit a local movie theater with cushy, reclining seats, restaurant-style snacks, and a full bar. No planning or prepping needed! 

3. Cocktail Party

Transform your living room into a chic cocktail party haven for a girls’ night in. Elevate the atmosphere with stylish Galentine’s Day decorations, plush cushions, and soft lighting. You can also craft a menu featuring fruity and refreshing girly cocktails, have tutorials on hand, and let the girls create their own versions of the drinks. A curated playlist with female artists sets the mood to let the laughter and camaraderie flow for an unforgettable evening of friendship.

4. Girls-Only Escape Room

Strengthen bonds as you collaborate to solve puzzles, decode clues, and unlock mysteries in a girls-only escape room night. This experience fosters teamwork, problem-solving skills, and a sense of accomplishment. You’ll all enjoy the thrill of unraveling a captivating story while creating lasting memories in an immersive adventure.

5. Sip & Paint Class

Sip on your favorite beverage while an expert helps you channel your inner artist. Sip and paint classes are a fun blend of socializing, relaxation, and artistic expression. No experience is required—just bring your enthusiasm. The result? A fun-filled evening of laughter, bonding with girlfriends, and leaving with your unique masterpiece.

6. Bowling

See who can roll the most strikes or spares, reveling in the energy of competition and shared fun. The bowling alley provides a laid-back yet spirited setting, creating a fun atmosphere for laughter and casual socializing. Bonus, if you find an alley with a restaurant—a Galentine dinner with drinks and bowling sounds like a perfect night out. Enjoy the simplicity of knocking down pins together, making it a memorable and uncomplicated celebration with your crew.

7. Trivia

Let all of your friends showcase their knowledge on various topics while enjoying drinks and snacks at a trivia night. It’s a dynamic, engaging, stimulating group activity, that fosters teamwork and laughter. Whether showing off your expertise or learning new facts, trivia night creates a lively and entertaining atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for a girls’ night out.

8. Tapas Restaurant

Tapas restaurants offer diverse small plates of food along with a communal and casual atmosphere, encouraging socializing and sharing. Enjoy a variety of flavors in one meal, from savory to sweet. Sampling numerous dishes allows for culinary exploration and satisfies diverse tastes, making it ideal for groups. It’s a unique, interactive dining adventure that caters to both adventurous and picky palates. 

9. Karaoke Night

Karaoke is a fun way to demonstrate any hidden vocal talent (or lack thereof). Grab your girlfriends and hit a karaoke bar for a few drinks and a few good songs. Select tracks by strong female artists like Aretha Franklin, Dolly Parton, Tina Turner, and Diana Ross.

Prefer a night in? You can buy affordable karaoke microphones and sing your heart out in the comfort of your living room.

10. Comedy Club, Piano Bar, or Theater

Find a common interest among your group and see if you can make a night out of it. Do your friends love to laugh? Visit a comedy club or see if a well-known comic has a tour stop near your town.

If your pals are more interested in drama or musicals, a night at the theater followed by chatting about the show at a wine bar makes for a perfect night out.

Cozy and Chill Galentine Party Ideas

11. Book Club

Book clubs are wonderful group bonding experiences. Each reader gets to share their thoughts and emotions about a book that everyone reads. Listening to various perspectives of the story’s plot creates engaging discussions among friends.

Choose books with a strong friendship or sisterhood component. And create food and drinks that match the book’s setting and theme. It’s a bonus if the book also has a TV or movie adaptation. After the discussion, you can watch it and discuss differences. We love The Joy Luck Club and Firefly Lane as Galentine Party book club options!

12. Clothing & Beauty Swap

Give old things new life by swapping with your friends. Peruse your closet and bathroom vanity for clothes, jewelry, or even shampoo or skincare that just doesn’t work for you. Swap for items that are new to you without having to spend any money on them. It’s a fun way to purge your belongings, while also bringing joy to friends who go home with something brand-new to them.

Anything that isn’t swapped can be donated to a local women’s shelter. 

13. Game Night

Have each of your friends bring their favorite game, either from their childhood or as an adult. See if anyone brings the same game. Whether it’s a board game or a game of cards, it’s fun to see what type of game brings people joy (or a competitive streak!).

If you’ve got a big group and there isn’t enough time to play every game, break off into small groups to play several games at one time.

14. DIY Crafts

Throw a Hearts & Crafts party for your girls. Set up crafting stations with basic supplies like canvases and paint, or pre-made craft kits. You could make seasonal crafts like Christmas ornaments or sun catchers in the summer. Choose versatile projects suitable for various skill levels. Provide snacks and drinks that are easy to eat while they work on crafts. Finger foods are great and try to provide ample space to set food and drinks down—folding tables work wonderfully. Encourage everyone to share ideas, making it a collaborative and enjoyable night filled with laughter, creativity, and homemade masterpieces.

15. Binge A Show

Choose a popular TV series or let guests vote on selections to have a series binge night. Make sure you have reliable streaming options and only offer shows you can easily stream. Prepare easy-to-share snacks like popcorn, nachos, and finger foods. Create a comfortable viewing area with blankets, pillows, and dim lighting.

Unlike movies, breaks between episodes allow for lively discussions, making it a memorable, relaxed gathering. 

16. Galentine Party White Elephant Exchange 

Have guests select fun, quirky, or even practical Galentine’s Day gifts to play this unpredictable White Elephant game at your party. Guests will each bring a wrapped gift and then draw numbers to determine the order of choosing. When your number is called, you’ll decide to either unwrap a gift or “steal” a gift that has already been opened. If you are the first player, you will unwrap a gift but will have a chance to either keep it or “steal” someone’s gift at the very end of the game.

Some gift ideas under $15 to consider:

17. Potluck Party

Host a potluck party where everyone brings a dish to share. To highlight the theme of sisterhood, you could ask that all of the dishes be something that was passed down by a female relative. You’ll likely get to try some amazing family recipes and chat with your girlfriends about the strong women in their families.

18. Old-Fashioned Sleepover

Extend an invitation to a self-care sleepover with some of your best gal pals. Stock up on wine, snacks, decadent treats, and some easy sheet face masks. What do you do at a Galentine’s sleepover? Well, while you pamper yourselves and each other, consider fun topics to gossip about like celebrity couples, funny Facebook memes, or your latest embarrassing moment.

19. Charcuterie Board Party

A charcuterie board party serves as double duty—you’ll get to have fun putting the board together and then you’ll get to feast on your hard work. Have each guest bring a component of the charcuterie board or provide them all yourself. Ensure that everyone gets to participate in creating a gorgeous board, whether it’s rolling salami into pretty roses or drizzling honey over a selection of cheeses.

Galentine's Day Party featuring a Charcuterie Board adorned with a delectable assortment of cheeses, olives, and curated meats.

20. Virtual Galentine Party

Don’t live in the same city as all your pals? Technology makes it so easy to host a virtual party. Choose a fun Galentine’s party invitation and set up a meeting through a shared video platform. Ask if the guests have a preferred platform that they may already use.

Consider sending a Galentine’s Day card beforehand that includes a menu of easy-to-make snacks and cocktails or a coordinating recipe for a shared experience. Plan interactive Galentine activities like virtual games, online trivia, or a pre-planned DIY project.

Daytime Galentine Party Ideas

21. Hiking

Swap the traditional festivities for a breath of fresh air by organizing a hiking adventure with your gal pals. Embrace the great outdoors, embark on scenic trails in your area, and revel in the beauty of nature together. Hiking not only offers a healthy and active way to bond but also creates lasting memories amidst the serenity of the wilderness. It’s a perfect way to celebrate friendship and enjoy the simplicity of each other’s company.

22. Brunch

Brunch is the perfect occasion to savor good food, laughter, and the cherished company of your gal pals. Set a cozy ambiance with chic Galentine’s Day decorations and a spread of scrumptious breakfast treats. From fluffy pancakes to gourmet pastries, you and your friends can indulge in all the sweet and savory foods this meal has to offer.

23. Tour a Winery or Brewery

Blend education and a fun day out by taking a winery or brewery tour in your area. Many local wine and beer makers have daily tours you can book to learn about their process. Follow the tour with a glass or two and then buy a few bottles to take home. 

24. PJ Breakfast

Host a relaxed Galentine’s Day with a no-frills pajama breakfast party. Invite your gal pals to roll out of bed and gather in their comfiest PJs for a laid-back morning. Serve a simple yet delicious breakfast spread, and enjoy casual conversations in a cozy setting. It’s a fuss-free way to celebrate friendship, creating a low-key and enjoyable Galentine’s Day experience.

25. Fitness or Self-Defense Classes

Empower your squad by taking a fitness or self-defense class together. Strengthen bonds while breaking a sweat or learning essential self-defense skills. Group workouts foster friendships and motivate everyone to stay fit. Plus, the shared experience adds a practicality to your get-together.

26. Picnic Lunch

Pack your favorite bites, head to a nearby outdoor area, and enjoy the uncomplicated pleasure of good food and great company. This casual gathering provides an unpretentious setting for laughter, conversation, and the shared enjoyment of a laid-back celebration. You could host at a park, beach, or even in a friend’s backyard. 

27. Museums and Art Galleries

Plan a day trip to a local museum or art gallery. You can cater to your friends’ interests by researching science museums, history museums, or even unique museums (like the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC). 

Some museums offer hands-on activities or fun exhibits that require more engagement and participation from your group.

28. Mini Golf

Add some playful competition to your Galentine party by taking your friends for a round of mini golf. Navigate through obstacles, share laughs, and revel in the friendly rivalry. Mini golf provides a fun and lighthearted way to celebrate with your pals, with a blend of competition and companionship.

29. Spa Day Pampering

Indulge in relaxation and bonding by planning a spa day. Book a group session for massages, facials, and pampering treatments. Share the tranquility of the spa environment, rejuvenating together and creating a serene space for open conversations. A spa day is the perfect mix of self-care and socializing, offering a luxurious and intimate way to connect with girlfriends.

30. Cooking Class

Take a trip into the culinary world with a cooking class where you can pick up new skills, and enjoy laughter-filled moments while preparing delectable dishes. The interactive and dynamic nature of a cooking class makes it a lively and engaging way to celebrate the day with friends who share your passion for both food and friendship.

Getaway Galentine Party Ideas

31. Glamping Weekend

Research a scenic glamping spot with amenities that provide comfort. Opt for luxury camping options such as furnished tents, cozy cabins, or glamorous yurts. Ensure facilities like bathrooms and showers are accessible for added comfort.

Bring comfortable bedding, pillows, and clothing. Plan to relax around a bonfire with s’mores and wine without having to retreat to a cold, bare tent afterward.

Galentine's Day Glamping Extravaganza! Our invitation showcases a luxurious glamping scene with a beautifully decorated tent adorned with twinkling string lights. Outdoors, you'll find two wine glasses, a bowl of fresh fruits, and a guitar, setting the perfect atmosphere for a memorable celebration.

32. Vacation Rental Getaway

Book a vacation rental home either in your hometown or even at a faraway destination. Ensure it has enough bedrooms and bathrooms for a comfortable stay. Plan meals beforehand or research the takeout options nearby. You could also ask your host for some must-see attractions in the neighborhood—they’re more than happy to share their favorite spots.

Read ratings and reviews thoroughly so you know what to expect during your stay and be sure all of your amenities are included. If you need Wi-fi or a fully stocked kitchen, be sure it’s listed.

33. Hotel Pool or Resort Pass

Experience a day at a hotel pool by exploring day-pass options. Many hotels offer day passes, allowing you to enjoy their pool, amenities, and sometimes even spa facilities without staying overnight. It’s a fantastic way to relax, unwind, and indulge in a luxurious setting without the commitment of a full hotel stay, creating a perfect daycation experience.

34. One-Day Road Trip

Hit the road with your besties, a full tank of gas, and a carefully curated playlist. Select a destination within a manageable driving distance and plan a flexible itinerary with key stops, considering scenic routes and attractions. Be sure to pack essentials like snacks, drinks, and extra phone chargers.

35. Weekend Retreat

Select an ideal weekend retreat for a rejuvenating trip with friends. Opt for a location known for tranquility, providing a serene backdrop for your time away. Ensure the retreat offers a variety of classes suitable for different skill levels. Check for experienced instructors and comfortable accommodations. Consider additional amenities like spa services and healthy dining options, creating a holistic and relaxing experience for a memorable getaway with your girlfriends.

Galentine Party Ideas for Every Kind of Girl Group

Seize this opportunity to celebrate the strong, supportive, and empowering women in your life. Whether you choose to indulge in a cozy movie night, a pampering spa day, or a lively game night, the heart of the celebration is the shared love and appreciation between friends. 

So, as you plan your Galentine party, remember to create moments of joy, laughter, and camaraderie. Cheers to the remarkable women who fill our lives with love, laughter, and unwavering support.

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