15 Easy and Fun Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Themes

Adorable baby shower invitation showcasing safari animal illustrations - giraffe, hippo, elephant, and fox - amidst lush foliage. Close by, a beautifully wrapped gift includes a baby rattle, hairbrush, and pacifier. Cover for '15 Easy and Fun Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Themes'
Adorable baby shower invitation showcasing safari animal illustrations - giraffe, hippo, elephant, and fox - amidst lush foliage. Close by, a beautifully wrapped gift includes a baby rattle, hairbrush, and pacifier. Cover for '15 Easy and Fun Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Themes'

Did you know that roughly half of Americans wouldn’t want to know the sex of their baby before they’re born?

There are plenty of reasons why waiting can be fun. Most parents do it because they want to be surprised in the delivery room.

Planning a gender-neutral baby shower is a great way for any mom-to-be to celebrate her little bundle of joy. If you don’t know the sex of your baby or you don’t want to enforce gender roles, there are lots of fun party ideas that don’t involve pink or blue.

Charming baby shower invitation featuring an endearing teddy bear surrounded by blooming flowers and a playful butterfly. The text reads: 'We can bearly wait!'

Create baby shower invitations in minutes

Browse gorgeous designs for every party theme!

Create baby shower invitations in minutes

Browse gorgeous designs for every party theme!

Charming baby shower invitation featuring an endearing teddy bear surrounded by blooming flowers and a playful butterfly. The text reads: 'We can bearly wait!'

Read on to learn about 15 incredible gender-neutral baby shower themes that make party planning easy.

1. Watch Disney Movies

There’s a good reason why Disney has been a booming company for almost 100 years. Their movies are loved by people of all ages. Although the movies are geared more toward kids, there’s no doubt that your adult guests will find your Disney baby shower charming.

You can pick your favorite movie and transform your party into that world. If you can’t choose, there’s nothing wrong with borrowing a little magic from the entire Disney universe. The choice is up to you, which is why planning this party is so much fun. and who doesn’t love a princess themed shower party?

If you love Alice in Wonderland, you have the chance to plan the cutest tea party ever and design the craziest tea party invitations. If you love Snow White, you could serve candied apples and finger foods that are the perfect size for dwarves.

Another cute idea is to create your own adventure book from Up so you can fill it with pictures from your baby shower. Once they’re born, you can show them how loved they’ve been before anyone even met them!

2. Make Brunch

Brunch parties are ideal for expecting mothers because they’re a lot easier to plan than a dinner party. Learning how to plan a stress-free brunch is easy. If you want to cut corners, you can save a lot of time by buying pastries, bagels, and sandwiches from the store.

Your guests will have a wonderful time sharing a leisurely meal and bonding over their excitement for the baby. Nothing makes people happier than warm beverages, comfort foods, and loving company. Brunch is also a less formal approach when doing a Baby Sprinkle party for your second or third child.

Boho-Chic Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Themes: Table setting and dusty pink boho baby shower invitation adorned with a delicate flower wreath.
Bohemian Wreath – Baby Shower Invitation

3. Theme it for the Seasons

Another fun idea is to host a baby shower that celebrates whatever season your baby is going to be born.

A summer birth could be all about fun in the sun. You can serve popsicles, fruity punches, and BBQ foods. Keep your decorations playful with beachballs and flamingos.

A fall birth should combine the best treats of the season. Pumpkin-spiced desserts, ciders, and hearty comfort foods would be great on your menu. You also have the opportunity to decorate with carved pumpkins and select fall themed baby shower invitations. Don’t forget a big mama pumpkin and a tiny baby pumpkin!

A winter birth baby shower can be a magical wonderland. You can decorate your home similar to how you would during the holidays to make it feel authentic. You can serve sugar cookies, a holiday roast, and other classic winter treats.

A spring party works perfectly for a baby shower since this season is all about rebirth. You can fill your home with flowers and rain decorations. Your menu should be fresh and light so your guests can savor each ingredient.

4. Go for Animals

Every child loves learning about all the animals. Plenty of adults enjoy the zoo, too. An animal baby shower is sure to be appreciated by everyone.

You can transform your home into a happy woodlands baby shower themed party with stuffed animals and earth-toned décor. If you have a favorite habitat, you can choose to focus on a specific theme like the ocean, forest, or even a safari.

An animal baby shower also gives you a funny opportunity to dress your baby bump. If you wear a blue shirt and a brown tutu, you can make your baby look like an egg in a nest. You could also transform your belly into an octopus by attaching 8 tentacles.

You can even get your guests involved by asking them to dress as their favorite animal. This could lead to a lot of amazing photos for your child to look at after they’re born.

5. Pick Your Baby’s Name

If you don’t know the sex of your baby before they’re born, chances are you have a list of boy and girl names you’re considering, or you can use a fancy Baby Name Generator that will help you find the perfect name for your baby.  You can plan your entire baby shower around the theme of names for a unique party.

If you want to name your baby using a specific letter, you can make that letter the life of your shower. For example, if you want to name them Garett or Grace, you can only serve foods that start with G like grapes, guacamole, and grilled cheese. You can also only have decorations that are green, gold, or grey. 

6. Toys & Games

Although toys are associated with kids, all the adults at your baby shower will have a blast playing together. If you want a toy-themed baby shower, all of your food, decorations, and activities should be whimsical.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Themes: Toy block cubes decorate the shower card with the word 'baby,' while the reverse side features a pair of adorable overalls for kids.
Wooden blocks – Baby Shower Invitation

You can set up a French fry bar with a Mr. Potato Head, serve pigs in a blanket with piggy banks, and display rainbow cupcakes next to Troll Dolls. The possibilities are endless if you can get creative.

You can entertain your guests by setting up board games and other fun group activities. Check out this list of 10 other games designed for adults to keep your party lively.

7. Children’s Books

Almost everyone has a favorite story from their childhood. If you already have a few books ready to read to your baby, you can plan your baby shower around their themes.

Dr. Seuss is one of the most well-known children’s book authors. His whacky worlds would be incredible if you brought them to life.

For starters, you can give every guest a big red and white hat to wear like Cat in the Hat. You can also wear a Thing One shirt and place a Thing Two label over your belly.

If you want to get silly, you can serve green eggs and ham with some toast. Guests who are brave enough to try it will be surprised by how delicious it tastes!

Feel free to get creative with any other classic stories you love like Clifford the Big Red Dog, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or Goodnight Moon.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Themes: A Celebration Inspired by Colorful Kids' Books and Bookshelf Delights.
Photo by Robyn Budlender, Unsplash

8. Travel

Oh, the places you’ll go! We can thank Dr. Seuss again for another brilliant baby shower theme.

Although expecting parents don’t want to imagine their baby growing up, your child has a life full of adventures waiting for them. You can treasure this beautiful gift by making your baby shower theme related to traveling.

This party idea is fun because you can incorporate so many exciting decorations in the room. Hang airplanes from the ceiling, sail ships on the windowsills, and scatter toy cars across your tables.

When planning your menu, it’d be great to create a sampler of cuisines from around the whole world. Not only will your guests have lots of exciting options to choose from, but variety can also ensure picky guests will have at least one thing they can enjoy.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Themes: A Sky-Blue Wonderland with Drifting Hot Air Balloons.
Image by ian dooley, Unsplash

9. Alphabet

An alphabet baby shower is similar to the baby name theme, but you’ll be challenged to use all 26 letters instead of focusing on just one.

How many different foods can you serve in the alphabet? Can you think of enough party decorations like zebras, balloons, or daisies?

This theme is great if a lot of your guests are bringing children along. You can challenge the adults and kids to spot as many letters of the alphabet as possible. Whoever guesses all 26 letters in the room first can win a fun prize.

10. Nature

If you love the great outdoors, your baby will also join you on plenty of scenic walks. You can bring a slice of your favorite settings inside for your baby shower.

You can turn your walls into an impressive mountain range or a colorful sunset. Wooden décor is a great way to create a warm, earthy environment.

Your menu should highlight all of the delicious foods that the earth can grow. Shopping at your local farmers’ market is a great place to get affordable, in-season fruits and vegetables.

If you want to add some childish humor to your party, you could also serve nature-inspired treats like dirt and worms. All you have to do is fill cups with layers of chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos, and gummy worms. The dessert may look like mud, but your guests will think it’s delicious!

11. Lullabies

When you become a mom, you’ll be spending a lot of time singing to your baby to get them to sleep. If you want to do your research ahead of time, you can spend some time finding your favorite lullabies to plan your baby shower.

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” could pave the way for a stunning outer space party. Your décor can be shiny and mystifying, just like the stars. You could even bake a star-shaped cake and other treats.

You could also host a French baby shower inspired by the lullaby “Are You Sleeping? (Frère Jacques).” Since this lullaby is all about bells, you could create a peaceful ambience by hanging windchimes. Don’t forget to serve bell-shaped sugar cookies and lots of French favorites.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Themes: 'Over the Moon' Invitation with Celestial Delights. Featuring a golden moon amidst light blue clouds and shimmering stars. Accompanied by a delightful flat lay of baby essentials including shoes, toy, rattle, and knitted attire.
Over the Moon – Baby Shower Invitation

12. Sweet Things

Your baby will be your greatest joy. Your baby shower theme can be an ode to how sweet your life is about to become after they arrive.

Your menu will obviously have to include lots of sugar to fit the sweet theme. However, you don’t have to feel restricted to desserts. Lots of savory foods can benefit from a sugary kick like sweet and sour chicken, melon and prosciutto wraps, or pineapple kebabs.

Your decorations are much more open to interpretation. You should fill the room with things that you think are sweet. Flowers, butterflies, and adorable, furry friends can make your space feel extra inviting.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Themes: An Enchanting Tea Party Inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Invitations feature whimsical illustrations from the classic tale. On the reverse side, a charming image of three stacked tea cups held by a person.
Tea for Two – Baby Shower Invitation

13. Chic, Elegant, and Modern

If you want to wow your guests, you can give your baby shower an elegant twist.

All-white décor is a popular way to modernize a living space. You could hang gold and silver streamers for a shimmery accent.

The food you serve should also be gourmet. These baby shower food recipes look and taste fancy, but you’d be surprised by how easy they are to prepare.

Champagne is the go-to classy party drink. Since you can’t drink, you can still achieve the bubbly effect by preparing punch with seltzer water. Everyone will be delighted to toast to your new baby.

14. Bun in the Oven

If you want to throw a clever party, then what better way could you celebrate your bun in the oven than by planning your baby shower with a bun theme?

Your guests will have a good laugh at all the different ways you can incorporate buns into the event. You can serve cinnamon buns, hotdogs in buns, hot cross buns, Asian steamed buns, and much more. You could even get away with having a Bundt cake as the centerpiece.

15. Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. However, there are plenty of strange things that happen to women’s bodies along the way.

Why not share some of your eccentric pregnancy cravings so your loved ones can have a taste of what it’s like to be pregnant? If you need menu inspiration, you could also serve foods related to some of the most popular pregnancy cravings women experience. For extra fun, you should try creating a competition to see which guest is daring enough to try the highest amount of crazy concoctions.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Themes: A Vibrant Cake Extravaganza in Yellow, Orange, and Pink with Starry Sprinkles.
Colorful Cake by Annie Spratt, Unsplash

Ready to Make Beautiful Baby Shower Invitations?

These 15 gender-neutral baby shower themes should give you plenty of inspiration for your special day to celebrate your child.

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Once you’re done customizing your card, you can share the invitations however you like. Print them online or at a professional shop, email them with online RSVP services, or share them as a high-quality image on social media or other messaging apps.

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