Amazing Beach Birthday Party Ideas For Kids And Adults

A colorful 'Happy Birthday' garland strung between poles on a serene beach, with the ocean and distant islands in the background. The festive decoration and beautiful setting make it perfect for a blog post about creative and fun beach birthday party ideas.
A colorful 'Happy Birthday' garland strung between poles on a serene beach, with the ocean and distant islands in the background. The festive decoration and beautiful setting make it perfect for a blog post about creative and fun beach birthday party ideas.

Hosting a beach birthday party is a perfect way to celebrate anyone’s big day, whether it’s for kids or adults. This setting offers kids a natural playground to build sandcastles, play volleyball, and enjoy a splash in the waves. Planning fun activities like a treasure hunt or a sand sculpture contest can keep the little ones engaged. Don’t forget to pack toys, sunscreen, and plenty of snacks. 

For adults, a beach birthday celebration can be both relaxing and entertaining. Consider organizing a barbecue or a birthday picnic with various delicious foods and beverages. To add some excitement, games like frisbee, paddleboarding, or a friendly game of volleyball can be a hit.  Lounge chairs, cozy blankets, and ambient music can set a laid-back vibe after playing in the sun. 

Here are our favorite ideas – from beach party invitations to favors to food – for hosting a beach birthday party for kids and adults to create long-lasting summer memories.

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An inviting beach party invitation featuring a watercolor design. The top half of the image has a vibrant blue background with white text. The bottom half of the image shows a sandy beach scene with colorful beach umbrellas and towels

Create birthday invitations in minutes

Browse gorgeous designs for every party theme!

Create birthday invitations in minutes

Browse gorgeous designs for every party theme!

An inviting beach party invitation featuring a watercolor design. The top half of the image has a vibrant blue background with white text. The bottom half of the image shows a sandy beach scene with colorful beach umbrellas and towels

Hosting a Birthday Party at the Beach

When planning a beach party, choose a suitable location with restrooms, picnic tables, and parking amenities. Check for any local regulations or permits required for gatherings. Safety is paramount; ensure adult supervision, especially for children, and have a first aid kit and life jackets on hand. Monitor weather forecasts to avoid any unexpected changes. You’ll also want to provide ample shade with umbrellas or tents to protect guests from the sun and encourage the use of sunscreen and hats.

To keep everyone entertained, plan engaging, location-appropriate activities, such as sandcastle building, volleyball, or a treasure hunt (more ideas below!). Organize a menu with easy-to-transport foods and plenty of hydration, bringing coolers to keep perishable foods fresh. 

It’s also essential to check the local beach regulations and water advisories, ensure safety measures, and be mindful of the environment by cleaning up afterward. Bring trash bags and ensure the area is clean after the event. Addressing these considerations can make your day fun and safe for all attendees.

A beautifully set outdoor table by the beach, featuring bottles of white wine, filled wine glasses, and a spread of appetizers including cheese, salami, and olives. The table is decorated with woven placemats and natural elements, creating a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. The ocean and dunes in the background add to the serene, inviting setting

Beach Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

The sand provides a vast, open space for children to run, splash in the waves, and build imaginative sandcastles. It’s an ideal space for a kids’ birthday because it’s practically decorated for you!

Beach Party Invitations for Kids

Use your kids’ beach party invitations to provide as much clear information to your guests as possible. Select a visually appealing design that captures the theme, using bright colors and playful images such as sandcastles, seashells, starfish, and ocean waves.

Here’s what to include on the invitation:

  • Date and Time: Include a start time and end time so guests know what to expect
  • Specific Location and Directions: Use landmarks or a map so guests can easily spot you when they arrive. You can also learn how to drop a pin in Google Maps to a specific location.
  • Parking Information: If parking can be a struggle, provide this information upfront
  • List of Items to Bring: Any items guests should bring (bathing suits, sunscreen, chairs)
  • Food and Drinks: Share the plan for foods and beverages. This gives guests an option to bring more if they choose.
  • RSVP Details: Provide your contact information for RSVPs and for guests to reach out with any questions. 

Finally, consider adding a rain date or contingency plan in case of bad weather, ensuring all invitees know the alternative arrangements.


Decorating for kids can make the celebration extra special and fun. Here are five key points to consider:

  • Theme Selection: Choose a fun theme like a mermaid adventure or pirate treasure hunt. This will make the decorations more exciting and engaging for the kids.
  • Color Scheme: Use bright, cheerful colors such as turquoise, yellow, and pink. Incorporate these into tablecloths, napkins, and banners to create a vibrant, festive atmosphere.
  • Beach Essentials: Decorate with kid-friendly items like inflatable beach balls, colorful buckets and shovels, and fun toys. Scatter them around the area for an authentic seaside feel.
  • Lighting: If your event lasts into the evening, use string lights, paper lanterns, or glow sticks to add a magical touch as the sun sets. This will create a cozy and playful ambiance for the kids.
  • Comfort and Shade: Set up umbrellas, canopies, or beach tents to provide shade and comfort. Decorate these with streamers, balloons, or hanging paper lanterns to match the theme and make them look festive.

The beach already provides a perfect setting, but with a few little additions, you can create a birthday setting that kids will love.

A festive beach birthday setup featuring a layered cake decorated with beach-themed elements, surrounded by a beach ball, sand toys, colorful balloons, and a yellow cup with a straw.


Kids’ party favors are a way to make guests feel appreciated and valued. These small tokens of gratitude provide memories of the fun event, enhance the theme, and offer practical, enjoyable items that kids can use even after the event ends.

We’ve got five favor ideas for your next kids’ bash:

  1. Buckets and Shovels: Small, colorful buckets with shovels and sand molds make great favors. Kids can use them during the celebration and take them home for future trips.
  1. Sunglasses: Provide kids with bright, UV-protected sunglasses. Choose fun designs like star shapes or vibrant colors to make them appealing. They add a cool factor and protect their eyes from the sun.
  1. Reusable Water Bottles: Personalized or themed water bottles keep kids hydrated during the party and are useful for future outings.
  1. Sand Art Kits: Small sand art kits, complete with colorful sand and plastic bottles, let kids create their own beach-themed souvenirs. This creative activity also doubles as a fun activity.
  1. Flip-Flop Lollipops: These summer-themed flip-flop lollipops are a sweet treat that fits a party on the shore. 

Activities and Games

While the beach itself offers hours of fun for kids, having some structured activities planned can help create a more engaging and fun event. Choose activities that foster teamwork so all kids are involved and having fun.

Here is a list of our favorite tried-and-true games:

Sandcastle Building Contest: Encourage creativity with a competition to build the most impressive sandcastle. Provide buckets, shovels, and sand castle molds for added fun.

Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of beach-related items for kids to find, such as shells, seaweed, and driftwood. This activity promotes exploration and teamwork. Once the kids find all of the items, reward them with a cool treat like ice cream or popsicles. 

Relay Races: Organize fun relay races with beach-themed obstacles like hula hoops, beach balls, and cones. Kids can race in teams, adding an element of friendly competition.

Water Balloon Toss: Cool off with a water balloon toss game. Pair up the kids and have them toss water balloons back and forth, stepping further apart with each successful catch. We love reusable water balloons because they’re budget-friendly and better for the environment.

Treasure Hunt: Bury small treasures or toys in the sand and provide maps or clues for the kids to follow. This adventure-style game sparks excitement and discovery.

Food and Drinks

The best food and drinks for a kids’ beach birthday party are both practical and fun. Finger foods are ideal as they are easy to handle and eat. Sandwiches, wraps, and sliders are convenient and can be packed with kid-friendly fillings like turkey, cheese, and veggies. They can be made ahead and stored in a cooler. 

Fresh fruit skewers with melons, grapes, and berries provide a refreshing, healthy option. Create snack bags with pretzels, crackers, and popcorn—perfect for munching on the go.

Hydration is important. Bring plenty of water bottles, and consider fun alternatives like flavored water or juice boxes.

Focusing on refreshing, filling, and healthy options helps ensure that kids are well-fed, hydrated, and ready to enjoy their day to the fullest.

A row of colorful mason jar drinks filled with fresh fruit slices and herbs, each topped with a fun straw. The refreshing and vibrant appearance makes them perfect for a beach birthday party for kids.

Beach Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

The beach isn’t just the perfect birthday setting for children. It’s also a great venue for adults. It offers a relaxed, natural setting where adult guests can unwind and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. 

Here’s everything you need to know to throw an unforgettable birthday bash for grown-ups.

Beach Party Invitations for Adults

Start by choosing a beach party invitation design that reflects the theme while catering to an adult aesthetic. Opt for invitations featuring serene ocean views, elegant seashell motifs, or minimalist designs with natural elements.

As with kids’ invitations, include the date, time, and precise location. Give specific directions or a map to ensure guests can easily find the spot. It’s also helpful to mention any landmarks or parking details.

List any items guests should bring, such as chairs, blankets, swimwear, and sunscreen. If you plan on specific activities like a barbecue, bonfire, or water sports, highlight these to build excitement.

Consider digital invitations for a beach birthday. This allows for easy RSVP management and quick updates if plans change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Focusing on these elements ensures guests are well-informed and excited about the upcoming celebration.


Decorating a beachy celebration for adults doesn’t have to be complicated. You’re already in a serene and gorgeous setting. But to set the tone for a memorable celebration, you can use a few decorations to create an elegant and inviting atmosphere. Here are five key points to consider:

  • Theme and Color Scheme: Choose a sophisticated theme such as tropical chic or nautical elegance. Use a coordinated color scheme with hues like navy blue, white, and gold to set a classy tone. Or bright florals along with a neutral black for a festive but sophisticated look.
  • Ambient Lighting: Enhance the evening ambiance with string lights, battery-powered lanterns, or LED candles. Tiki torches can add a warm, tropical touch, while also providing functional lighting as the sun sets.
  • Comfortable Seating: Set up comfortable seating areas with lounge chairs, large outdoor blankets, and cushions. Consider adding low tables or wooden palets for drinks and snacks, and use fabric throws to add a cozy, upscale feel.
  • Decorative Elements: Incorporate elegant decorations such as seashell centerpieces, driftwood arrangements, and floral garlands.
  • Shade and Shelter: Provide shade with umbrellas, canopies, or a large tent. Decorate these structures with hanging lanterns, fairy lights, or sheer drapes to create a relaxed, yet sophisticated environment.


Giving out adult party favors adds a thoughtful touch to any celebration. They add to the event’s theme, provide practical items for future use, and make guests feel valued. For adults, more so than with children’s parties, opt for useful favors that guests will want to keep.

Here are a handful of our favorite options:

  • Sunscreen: Mini bottles of sunscreen protect guests from the sun and are essential for any outing.
  • Towels: High-quality, stylish linen towels are both practical for the day and useful for future trips.
  • Insulated Tumblers: Keep drinks cool with insulated tumblers. They are perfect for hot days and other outdoor activities.
  • Mini Games Sets: Compact sets including games like paddleball, bocce ball, or ring toss provide entertainment in the sand and beyond.
  • Cocktail Kits: Vacation-themed mini cocktail kits with ingredients and recipes for drinks like margaritas or piña coladas offer a fun way to recreate the coastal vibe at home.

Activities and Games

When planning activities for a beach birthday party for adults, consider the time of day. You can plan games and sports during the day. Or opt for a nostalgic bonfire or elegant dinner in the evening. Or plan an all-day event and do both!

Daytime activities

  • Volleyball: Set up a net and organize friendly matches. It’s a great way to get everyone moving and having fun.
  • Paddleboarding: Rent paddleboards and enjoy exploring the water. It’s a relaxing yet active way to enjoy the setting.
  • Yoga: Hire an instructor for a beach yoga session. The sound of the waves and the sandy setting create a serene environment for stretching and relaxation.
  • Picnic and Barbecue: Organize a picnic or barbecue with delicious food and drinks. Provide grills, picnic blankets, and coolers for a festive dining experience.
  • Frisbee or Disc Golf: Bring along a few frisbees or set up a disc golf course for some light-hearted competition and exercise.

Nighttime activities

  • Beach Night Dinner: Arrange a resort-like dinner with tables and chairs set up on the sand. Serve a delicious meal with ocean views for a memorable dining experience.
  • Stargazing: Bring telescopes or binoculars and blankets for stargazing. Consider having an expert guide to point out constellations and planets.
  • Bonfire: Set up a bonfire for warmth and ambiance. Provide seating around it for guests to relax, chat, and enjoy the night.
  • Cocktail Bar: Set up a bar and channel your inner mixologist by preparing signature cocktails. Include vacation-themed drinks like piña coladas and margaritas.
  • Outdoor Movie Screening: Set up a projector and screen to show a classic beach movie. Provide popcorn and drinks for a cozy, cinematic experience.

Food and Drinks

For an adult beach birthday, consider food and drinks that are easy to transport, serve, and enjoy in a sandy setting. Select a mix of refreshing snacks, light bites, and cooling beverages to keep guests satisfied and hydrated throughout the celebration. 

Fresh fruit platters with watermelon, pineapple, and berries provide a healthy and hydrating option. Finger foods like sandwiches, wraps, and skewers are convenient and can be prepared with a variety of fillings to suit different tastes.

Keep drinks chilled with a selection of icy cocktails, recipes for healthy mocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as plenty of water to stay hydrated under the sun. Don’t forget to pack reusable cups, plates, and utensils to minimize waste and ensure a sustainable celebration.

Beach Themed Birthday Party Ideas

If you’re in a landlocked area and can’t enjoy a sand-filled day for your event, there are plenty of ways to bring the beach to you! We’ve got several beach-themed ideas for kids’ summer birthday parties that you can use at home or at another venue. Don’t worry, we’ve got ideas for adult parties, too!

Beach Theme Party Ideas for Kids

Under the Sea Adventure: Transform the space into an underwater paradise with colorful decorations like fish, mermaids, and sea creatures. Offer activities like making ocean-themed crafts and games like pin the tail on the mermaid.

Pirate Treasure Hunt: Set up a pirate-themed treasure hunt where kids follow clues to find hidden treasure chests filled with goodies. Encourage guests to dress up as pirates and provide props like eye patches and bandanas.

Hawaiian Luau: Transport guests to a tropical paradise with a luau-themed celebration. Decorate with palm leaves, leis, and tiki torches. Serve tropical treats like fruit skewers, Hawaiian pizza, and virgin piña coladas. Plan activities like hula dancing and limbo contests.

A festive Hawaiian-themed beach party invitation featuring tropical illustrations of pineapples, coconuts, and drinks with a playful 'Ooh La Luau!' text. The invitation is set against a background with fresh fruits like papaya and dragon fruit
Ooh la luau – luau party invitation

Surf’s Up: Create a coastal vibe with surfboards, beach balls, and inflatable palm trees. Set up a surfboard decorating station and organize surfing-themed games like a ball relay race.

Beach Ball Bash: Embrace the classic beach ball theme with bright colors and beach ball decorations. Plan games like volleyball, ball toss, and a piñata.

Beach Theme Party Ideas for Adults

Tropical Tiki Barbecue: Set up a tiki bar with tropical cocktails, grilled seafood, and Hawaiian-inspired dishes. Decorate with bamboo, tiki torches, and tropical flowers. Play island music and encourage guests to dress in Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts

Coastal Crab Boil: Host a laid-back coastal crab boil with fresh seafood, corn on the cob, and potatoes. Set up long tables with newspaper-lined buckets for guests to enjoy a communal feast. Decorate with nautical flags, buoys, and fishing nets.

Seaside Wine and Cheese Pairing: Create a sophisticated seaside atmosphere with a wine and cheese tasting. Set up a tasting station with a selection of wines and artisanal cheeses. Decorate with nautical elements like rope, anchors, and seashells.

Beach Blanket Movie Night: Arrange a blanket movie night under the stars. Set up a large screen and movie projector outside, and provide blankets and pillows for seating. Screen classic beach-themed movies like “Jaws” or “Blue Crush” while guests enjoy popcorn and snacks.

Tropical Paradise Pool Party: Host a tropical birthday pool party with a resort vibe. Decorate with palm trees, inflatable flamingos, and tropical flowers. Serve fruity cocktails, mocktails, and tropical snacks. Play pool games like volleyball or water polo for added fun.

A Beach Birthday Party is Fun For Everyone

Hosting a beach birthday party is a fantastic way to mark any milestone, catering to both kids and adults alike. Children revel in the natural playground of sand and surf while engaging in activities like treasure hunts and sandcastles. For adults, this setting offers a blend of relaxation and entertainment.

Remember to be specific in your beach party invitations and to pack essentials like sunscreen and snacks to keep the day enjoyable. 

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