15 Exciting Birthday Party Themes Every Girl Will Love

Did you know that birthday parties play a big role in children’s development? Although your child may only be excited about the cake and games, parties mean so much more to them in the bigger picture. Aside from showing kids how much they are loved, birthday parties can also help them figure out their passions, improve their social skills, and help them reflect on their growth.

If you want to make each birthday memorable for your daughter, choosing a unique theme is a great place to start. Keep reading to learn about 15 of the most exciting girls’ birthday party themes.

1. Mermaid Magic

Lots of girls who’ve seen The Little Mermaid dream of becoming a mermaid. If your daughter loves Ariel, throwing a mermaid birthday party is the perfect way to make her dreams come true.

In order to make the party authentic, every guest should wear mermaid-inspired scale leggings so it looks like they have tails. You could even start the party by giving mermaid makeovers to all the girls. After they change into their mermaid outfits, you and any other adult who wants to help can style their hair and apply a little makeup.

If you have a pool, be sure to have a photoshoot of the girls in their mermaid glam before they change into their bathing suits. Buying a few disposable underwater cameras is a great way to let the girls have fun and show off their swimming skills once they’re ready to dive in.

Don’t forget to have a mermaid cake and mermaid plates to complete your theme!

2. Princess Tea Party

If your daughter loves other Disney princesses, she may want to keep her party on land. What better way could you make her feel special than by throwing a princess tea party with her closest friends?

Make sure every girl has a fancy dress she can wear to this event so no one feels left out. The girls will also love having matching tiaras so they can feel like true royalty.

If a tea party sounds stressful, remember to keep things simple. You can find affordable tea sets online or even at local thrift stores. If the girls are young, you can also stick with paper plates and plastic cups to avoid any breaks.

Although it’s called a tea party, lots of kids don’t actually like the taste of tea. Be sure to have other drinks available like water, soda, or hot chocolate. Even if they don’t drink tea, they can still feel fancy drinking out of special cups.

No tea party is complete without adorable finger foods. You can make preparations easier by sticking with classics like grilled cheese and store-bought cupcakes and scones. You can recruit your daughter for help by asking her which foods her friends would enjoy most.

Cup of colorful tea for girls birthday

3. Unicorn

Unicorns are magical, colorful, and adorable. No little girl can resist their charm!

In order to make her unicorn party vibrant, be sure to decorate with as many colors of the rainbow as possible. You can also turn party hats into unicorn horns by telling the girls to wear them on their forehead instead of on top of their heads. This can lead to some adorable party pictures.

One of the most important aspects of her unicorn party is the food. You can use sprinkles, dyes, and edible glitter to make the food look more exciting. Check out these unicorn recipes you can make for your daughter’s party.

4. Enchanted Forest

If your daughter is a nature lover, she’ll be excited about throwing an enchanted forest party.

You can decorate your home with lots of plants, woodland stuffed animals, and earth-toned décor. For a real treat, you could buy face paint and transform every guest into deer, bunnies, birds, and other cute animals.

To continue the theme, you could plan games like Duck, Duck, Goose or a treasure hunt in the backyard. The girls can even watch fun movies like Over The Hedge. If you really want to take the movie to the next level, you can set up an outdoor theater with blankets and a projector to play on the side of your house.

5. A Day in Paris

Lots of girls dream about going to Paris when they grow up. It’s full of fashion, yummy food, and romance. You can borrow some of the charm and create a little Paris in your own home.

The decorations should be elegant and feminine. For one of the activities, you could help the girls play dress up and throw a fashion show complete with a runway and photographer. Make sure to check out Paris themed invitations.

Don’t forget to have lots of French foods at your party. You can have baguettes, a cheese platter, chocolate croissants, and more. If you’re worried about picky eaters, you can also include French fries. Although they weren’t actually invented in France, the name fools many people.

The girls won’t be able to drink wine, but that shouldn’t stop the fun. You can stick with grape juice instead. If you want to go above and beyond, you can even buy some personalized glasses with your daughter’s name and new age on them to make the birthday toast more special.

6. Fun at the Festival

Every kid gets excited about carnivals, so you can recreate a smaller version for your daughter’s birthday party. You can transform your backyard into a festival with games, music, and classic carnival food.

For games, you can keep things simple with a bean bag toss, basketball, and a squirt gun shooting gallery. Check out these carnival games you can easily set up at home for more inspiration.

For music, you can keep things classic with traditional carnival music or curate your own playlist of whatever songs your daughter likes.

For food, be sure to hand out lots of popcorn, cotton candy, and corndogs! They’ll need lots of energy to play games all day.

7. What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

A great way to inspire your daughter and all of her friends is to throw a party based on the theme of what she wants to be when she grows up.

Although kids fantasize about a lot of dream jobs, it’s good to empower them. It’s especially important for girls to have self-confidence when it’s time for them to choose a career path. A party like this will remind her she can do anything she sets her mind to.

The fun part about this theme is that every guest can arrive dressed as what they’d like to be when they grow up. All the girls will be excited to see all the different jobs their best friends like.

You can plan the activities and foods around whatever job your daughter likes, too. For example, if she wants to be a teacher, you can organize lots of competitions that require brainpower to win like jeopardy. For food, you can make lots of dishes using apples.

8. Pop Star Party

Does your daughter have a favorite musician she looks up to? If so, you can throw a party that has decorations with that celebrity’s face on it. Lots of popular idols have merchandise as well, so you can get your daughter a shirt or other apparel to represent them.

If you don’t want the party to be focused on one or a few pop singers, you can still turn your house into a stage. The guests can arrive by walking on a red carpet and entering a backstage party with lots of balloons and party foods laid out.

The main attraction can be a room decorated like a concert. You can set up colorful lights and a karaoke machine so the girls can perform for each other. Be sure to have a camera on hand so you can record highlights from their performances!

9. Baking Competition

Cooking shows have become more and more popular in recent years. As this television genre expanded, producers started making shows where kids put their skills to the test. These shows have inspired lots of children to become chefs someday.

If your daughter would love to be on a show like Chopped, you can help her throw a fun baking competition for her birthday. You can adjust the challenges, ingredients, and tools they need to use based on their age. If you’re worried about ovens, there are plenty of easy no-bake desserts the girls can make.

cupcakes activities girl's birthday party

Another fun activity you can set up is a homemade pizza bar. Once the girls get their sugar fix, they’ll want something more substantial to eat. They’ll have lots of fun tossing dough in the air and putting their favorite toppings on their individual pizzas.

10. Field Day

In some elementary schools, kids are lucky enough to experience field days before summer break. During field days, the kids spend the entire day outside playing games and competing in teams against their other classmates. It’s the most anticipated day of the schoolyear!

If your daughter’s birthday takes place during the warmer months of the year, you can recreate your own field day for her to enjoy with her best friends. When the girls divide into pairs or smaller groups, you could give them different colored t-shirts as a fun way to represent their team.

The best part about field day is that you can do it in your own backyard. If you want to play more games, you could even consider renting a field or a space at your local park so they have more room to run.

The kids will have a blast doing egg tosses, relay races, jumping competitions, freeze dance, and more. Check out all of these different and unique child’s games you can arrange.

11. Spa Slumber Party

If your daughter is approaching pre-teen age, she might want to have a more sophisticated party. Letting her invite her closest friends over for a spa slumber party is a great way to help her unwind and bond with her pals.

The girls can make their own face masks, paint each other’s nails, exfoliate and moisturize their skin, and use aromatherapy to relax. You can help out by providing all the tools and making sure the environment is comfortable. Soft music, comfortable chairs, and mood lighting will make their spa experience more realistic.

For an extra personal touch, you and your daughter can shop for matching robes together before her party. Be sure to get a candid photo of all the girls in their robes with face masks and cucumber slices over their eyes.

Nail polish and cucumbers for spa parties

12. Glow-in-the-Dark

If your daughter is adventurous, she’ll love throwing a glow-in-the-dark birthday bash. This theme is best for parties that take place at night or if you have a basement where you can make the environment dark.

For this party, you’ll need lots of glow sticks, paint, and a blacklight. Strobe lights and quality speakers are also a good investment to amplify the party atmosphere.

There are tons of exciting glow-in-the-dark games your daughter can play with her friends. You can set up glow bowling, face painting, musical chairs, and volleyball to name a few.

Don’t forget to include colorful foods on the menu. When they sit near a blacklight, their hue will take on a magical glow.

If your daughter is adventurous, she’ll love throwing a glow-in-the-dark birthday bash. This theme is best for parties that take place at night or if you have a basement where you can make the environment dark.

For this party, you’ll need lots of glow sticks, paint, and a blacklight. Strobe lights and quality speakers are also a good investment to amplify the party atmosphere.

There are tons of exciting glow-in-the-dark games your daughter can play with her friends. You can set up glow bowling, face painting, musical chairs, and volleyball to name a few.

Don’t forget to include colorful foods on the menu. When they sit near a blacklight, their hue will take on a magical glow.

13. Pawesome Pets

Do you have a family pet or know that your daughter loves animals? Her heart would fill with joy if she could plan her own pet party.

There are many different ways you could go about planning a pet party. If you have a yard with a fence, it could be fun to have the guests bring along their pets to join the fun. The girls can try to race the dogs and go on a scavenger hunt with them.

Another way you could throw a pet party is to incorporate a petting zoo. You could ask a local farmer or other animal business if they could bring some furry friends over. If you don’t want to deal with the mess, you could also bring the girls to a petting zoo where they’ll have the chance to interact with more animals.

Like the enchanted forest party, a pet party is a great opportunity to do some adorable animal face painting as well.

14. Emojis

If your daughter loves texting and social media, an emoji birthday party would be a blast.

Since everyone loves emojis, you’ll be able to find tons of party decorations that fit this theme. You could even set up a photobooth with different emojis the girls can use to cover their faces.

One activity the girls can do together is decorate sugar cookies as their favorite emoji. For a funny game, print out a picture of your daughter and see who can pin the emoji on her face while blindfolded.

You and your daughter can also create a birthday party hashtag that’s unique to her own party such as #SarahsEmojiBash. When the party is over, her and her friends will be able to find everyone’s party pictures in one place on social media.

Emoji themed birthday party invitation
Emoji Confetti – Birthday Invitation

15. Harry Potter

Kids and adults alike love the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter. If your daughter wishes she could cast spells, you can help her throw a Harry Potter birthday party.

The girls can take quizzes to find out which house they’re in and then dress up in their house’s colors.

Did you know that fans have found a way to play quidditch in real life? They may not be able to fly, but the girls will have a blast competing.

Setting the scene is also important for her party. With some fishing line, you can hang candles so they look like they’re floating. If you have any antique furniture, that can also add a witchy vibe to the room.

The girls can also take a note from Hermione’s work ethic by practicing their craft. They can make slime and do other fun crafts that feel like they’re creating magic.

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