10 Christmas Decor Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Christmas decoration ideas

Did you know that 90% of people in America celebrate Christmas in one way or another, even if they aren’t Christians?

Simply put, it’s hard to resist the beauty and wonder associated with the holiday. Not only is it a time to get together with loved ones, but it’s also a great reason to go all out with your decorations.

Are you wondering what kind of decor can really elevate the season to be as jolly as possible? Keep reading to learn about 10 Christmas decor ideas that will make an awesome impression on your guests.

1. Festive Mittens

Everyone knows and loves the warm and cozy look of Christmas stockings. They can be almost as difficult to resist peeking inside as the glistening gifts under the tree. While these decorations are a classic staple of every mantel, it can also be fun to mix things up this year.

Instead of stockings, you can opt for cute mittens. You can buy them already made or you can sew your very own creations if you know your way around a needle and thread. Instead of being limited to the mantel, you can spice up doorknobs, cupboard handles, and anything else you can think of.

If you want to liven up empty wall space, then you can break out some decorative hooks and line them up for your mittens. What’s so great about these festive mittens is that the most elaborately designed ones can double as a gift for guests at a Christmas party. If you hang them in pairs, people can even use them later to keep their hands warm on the way home.

Aside from the color of the mitten material and the stitching itself, you should consider decorating them with all kinds of classic Christmas imagery. This can include a jumping reindeer, a jolly Santa, a curious elf, a delicious candy cane, a fancy snowflake, and anything else that the season causes you to dream up.

2. A One-Dimensional Christmas Tree

Let’s face it. Christmas trees may be beautiful and wondrous, but it can be difficult to find room for one. Whether they’re real or fake, they can also end up shedding their green bristles all over the floor.

Instead of getting your hands dirty and sappy, you can make things easier by buying a one-dimensional tree. This tree can be bought as a flat cutout so that all you have to do is put it up on the wall. Pre-made trees can come in all kinds of designs and colors.

If you want to make a statement, then you can decorate the wall with your own one-dimensional tree. It won’t truly be one-dimensional, but it’ll save you a ton of space and you won’t have to break your back lugging it into and out of the home.

You can also buy little tree halves at your local store and set them up by length. The longest tree part should be on the bottom, with each one on top smaller than the last. Going horizontally, the wood will take the shape of a tree. From there, you can have fun with the family by pinning ornaments onto the bark and even throwing in some festive garlands if you’re up for it.

3. Dreaming of a Peacock-Colored Christmas

What colors come to your mind when you think of Christmas? Just about everyone would say white, red, and green. While this combination can be a sight for sore eyes, your Christmas guests will be pleasantly surprised when you decorate your home with the captivating colors of the peacock’s tail feathers.

10 Christmas Decor Ideas to Wow Your Guests colorful peacock

The peacock ensemble of colors is usually made from several variants of blue, as well as gold, turquoise, magenta, and purple. These colors still sing Christmas, but they offer a whole different mood.

You could almost think of a royal Christmas that focuses on the day that Jesus was born or you can keep it secular. Either way, there’s no denying how striking these color combinations can be.

When you apply them to your Christmas tree, door wreaths, table settings, lawn decor, and more, it’ll give a winter wonderland feel to any parties or family gatherings. While decorating, don’t forget to have as many textures as colors. This will go a long way toward creating something that your friends will consider eye candy.

For example, you could include glitter, sequins, ruffles, fringe, fake fur, and whatever else you have on hand or can find while shopping.

4. Christmas Pomanders

Few Christmas decorations smell as lovely as a pomander. There is a wide range of pomanders you can choose from at stores, but the classic combination is oranges and cloves.

10 Christmas Decor Ideas to Wow Your Guests pomander elegant perfume

Are you wondering what a pomander is exactly? Put in the simplest terms, a pomander is a perfume ball that both looks and smells beautiful. In the past, royalty would wear bags that they filled with herbs that had pleasant scents, including civet, ambergris, musk, lavender, and others.

If you’d rather make this decoration yourself, you’ll be glad to know that it’s quite straightforward. The fresher the oranges you can get, the better. Once you have them, you can use a knife to make little holes across the rind.

While you don’t have to be super uniform, it can add to the eye-catching style of the decorations. You could also create different designs across the globe of the orange. Once you’ve made your holes, all you need to do is stuff one clove into each hole.

Putting them in a decorative dish or bowl is one of the best ways to present them. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even use your knife to carve extra designs into the rind or tie colorful ribbons around the oranges.

5. A Santa Claus Toilet Set

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, it can be easy to neglect the bathroom. However, this place is perfect for adding to the overall atmosphere of your decorative vision. If you’ve taken your decorating seriously in the rest of your home, then you can use the bathroom as a way to lighten the mood.

Without a doubt, your guests will be surprised when they pop into the restroom and see a Santa toilet seat and rug set. Since this decoration is so unexpected, it’s sure to get laughs out of both adults and children. After all, why wait for Santa to come down the chimney when you can put him atop your toilet for everyone to enjoy.

The set comes with a cover that looks like a Santa hat and it’s placed right on the toilet’s tank. As part of the hat, there’s a spot where you can put a tissue paper box for easy access.

The cover that goes over the toilet’s lid depicts a happy Santa Claus who’s ready to greet anyone who approaches. The rug depicts the body of Santa and it can be placed right around the base of the toilet to show off his merry belly, the black belt with the golden buckles, and the buttons of his bright red coat.

It’s super easy to put together and, in the snap of your fingers, you’ll have turned a boring toilet into a three-dimensional Santa Claus masterpiece. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a red cover for the toilet seat. While a bathroom isn’t the most hygienic room around, you’ll be glad to know that every piece is machine washable.

6. High-Quality Christmas Lights

What’s Christmas without a bunch of mesmerizing lights? With so many different brands and types, finding the perfect Christmas lights can easily become one of the most difficult tasks of the season. Instead of getting lost in a sea of reviews, you should check out these MZD8391 Christmas lights.

One of the best aspects of these lights is that the length goes much farther than most other lights. Nothing is more disheartening than running out of lights right when you’re about to put the icing on the cake of your beautifully festive house. With over 100 feet of Christmas lights per purchase, you’ll have plenty of slack to make your decorative vision a reality.

Unlike some other brands, these lights are available in a variety of colors. Whether you want to stick to classic white or mix it up with red or blue, for instance, you’ll be able to do it all. While you won’t be able to get replacement bulbs if any of them go out, they’re LED so they should last for many years to come.

Another benefit of Christmas lights is that they can flash in exciting ways. With this set, you can choose from almost 10 different modes, including twinkling, waves, chasing, and constantly on. As if that wasn’t enough to make you run to the store and buy them, they are also highly resistant to weather and they’re low voltage, making them super safe to put up.

7. Christmas Lanterns

Are you struggling with how to decorate the outside of your home? One of the ways you can make your walkway pop in the evening is with tried-and-true Christmas lanterns. Depending on your aesthetic, you can go for the old style of lantern that’s metal and has glass windows.

Not only do these help loved ones get to the door safely, especially if there’s snow, but they also can be seen as an introduction to the coziness that awaits them inside. Once everyone follows the lights of your lanterns, they’ll be ready to roast chestnuts over a fire.

If you’d prefer to create your own, then you should try making luminaries out of mason jars. The easiest way to craft little lanterns out of these jars is by cutting out Christmas figures from construction paper and gluing them to the sides. When you place a candle at the bottom of the jar, the figures and the glass will glow with winter mystery.

Be sure to remember the important ingredient of tissue paper. Wrapping this around each jar will serve as the frosty foundation of your lanterns.

If you have the time and energy, then you could try to rally your neighborhood, or at least your street, and have the neighbors make Christmas luminaries, too. If everyone can line them up in their driveway and along their lawn, it will be a truly wondrous sight.

8. Festive Chair Ornaments

When it comes to getting into the spirit of Christmas, a good rule of thumb is that anything can become festive. The right ornament can turn an ordinary object into an essential part of your decorative strategy.

Lots of emphasis is put on table placemats, centerpieces, silverware, tablecloths, and other items, but you can add a whole new flair to your Christmas dining setup when you put ornaments on the backs of your chairs. Once you open your mind to the idea, then the possibilities become endless.

For example, you can buy large, snow-dusted pinecones to hang from the chair backs to give a natural feel to the dining atmosphere. Another fun idea involves big ribbons. You could tie the chair backs up so there are giant bows on each one. This is sure to get your loved ones ready for opening up gifts later in the evening.

Plenty of families have way too many Christmas tree ornaments than they have branches on the actual tree. Instead of letting those precious pieces gather dust in the attic, you can take them out and hang a tasteful cluster of them for your guests to enjoy as they sit down at the table for a delicious feast.

If you’d rather have a break from making the executive decorating decisions, then you can let each friend and family member decorate their chairs. This is a fun activity that will allow them to put their own personalities into their spot.

9. Christmas Pumpkins

Pumpkins are often associated with the fall and especially Halloween. Tons of people have carved some pretty creepy pumpkins to celebrate that holiday. However, did you know that white pumpkins exist?

To pay homage to the winter season and to make an awesome decorative statement, you could spice up your lawn with some jolly and ethereal Christmas pumpkins. You could carve a wide variety of happy and laughing faces, but feel free to think outside the box, too.

Instead of carving faces, you can cut out shapes of all the classic Christmas symbols, from reindeer and elves to angels and bells. Putting a light inside of these pumpkins can give you the most organic and eye-catching lawn luminary out there.

Aside from carving, you could simply decorate the rind by etching designs into it or wrapping the pumpkins with Christmas lights and ribbons. This is yet another decorative idea that can let your imagination run wild. You can also experiment with stacking the pumpkins on top of each other by size to create a fun twist on the classic snowman or make other kinds of intriguing formations.

10. Live Inside a Gingerbread House

Year after year, it can be difficult to come up with original ideas for decorating the exterior of your home for the holidays. Instead of going with the same old stuff, you can embrace the theme of the gingerbread house.

Transforming your house into something out of a Christmas fairytale is a decorative miracle that will delight the kids and get adults in touch with their younger, giddier selves. You can use the image of a classic gingerbread house for your inspiration and as a guide.

For example, you’ll want to use red garlands to line the roof like licorice candy. You can use white garlands to accent the tiles and give the appearance of frosting. Don’t forget the round candies, which you can create using colorful foam balls from a craft store.

Cutting those foam balls in half will add to the gumdrop effect. Be sure to put them around the very top of your roof and around your windows.

Don’t forget to purchase big, plastic peppermint candies to put over your windows. You also won’t want to forget the candy-cane striped poles at each corner of your home. There’s plenty of other magic touches you can add to bring the decorative ensemble to life, including putting out life-size figurines of Hansel and Gretel.

If you have a Christmas party, then you can take this theme to the next level and apply it to your interior decorations, your food, games, and so much more.

10 Christmas Decor Ideas to Wow Your Guests themes next level party
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Are You Ready to Use These Top 10 Christmas Decor Ideas?

Now that you’ve learned all about the top 10 Christmas decor ideas that will put permanent smiles on the faces of your guests, you’re ready to celebrate the holidays with style. One of the best ways to show off your decorating skills is by throwing a Christmas party so everyone can enjoy your creative and hard work.
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