How To: Wedding Thank You cards Wording Ideas

Wooden blocks spell 'THANK YOU' with a paper heart. Clear display on white background. Warm and sincere. Cover for 'How To: Wedding Thank You Cards Wording Ideas'
Wooden blocks spell 'THANK YOU' with a paper heart. Clear display on white background. Warm and sincere. Cover for 'How To: Wedding Thank You Cards Wording Ideas'

Words. All those Wedding Thank You Cards need words. You’re a short scroll from very usable wording ideas plus etiquette tips poised to display your stunning good manners. And we’ve included links to the Wedding Thank You Cards gallery on our site, making the whole task easy peasy. Well, almost.

Cherished memory: Wedding thank you card with floral frame, couples' photo, and heartfelt gratitude.

Easy DIY wedding thank you cards

Effortlessly craft exquisite wedding thank you cards with our easy-to-use editor!

Easy DIY wedding thank you cards

Effortlessly craft exquisite wedding thank you cards with our easy-to-use editor!

Cherished memory: Wedding thank you card with floral frame, couples' photo, and heartfelt gratitude.

Quick Links

Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette

Stamp or “Send”

Your wedding thank you notes should be hard copies sent through the mail. Period. This etiquette point stands firm in the midst of changing standards for acceptable manners. Browse our collection of Wedding Thank You Cards for a favorite to download or print directly from our site. As for your message of thanks, handwritten is still highly preferred, but computer-generated text is better than good intentions unsent. Choose a font that’s attractive while also easy to read, and upgrade your paper to printer stationery with a nice finish.

On the Clock

The sooner the better is always the rule for thank you notes. For weddings, the limit is up to three months from the day you say, “I do.” Plan to write a few every day to make the task more manageable.

What’s Right to Write?

Your message should be personal and sincere. Make sure you address the person or persons by name as you would in a letter. Mention their gift and any special meaning it might have or how you plan to use it, as in, “The cute coffee mugs will make us smile every morning!” Sign off with an appropriate salutation, and finish with both your names.


Anyone who gave a wedding gift gets a thank you card, whether or not they came to (or were invited to) the ceremony. Write a word of gratitude to guests for attending, gift or no gift, and make a special note of extra efforts like long-distance travel. Express your thanks for any gift a guest gave at the wedding and a word about what you like about it, how you’ll use it, etc. For gifts received from someone who was not on the guest list, offer similar thanks but leave out any mention of the events of the day.

More Thanks

Thank you notes to your parents and the bridal party are a given. Consider including anyone who helped with your wedding, paid or not. Ministers, musicians, vendors, etc. would appreciate your expression of gratitude, but it is not essential to go this extra mile. Gift givers are not optional.

Ending Well: Salutations

It’s fine to use “Sincerely” or “Love” followed by both your names on all your Wedding Thank You Cards. But if you’d like other wording options, here they are, listed from polite to personal.

With appreciation

Yours truly
Warmest thanks
With heartfelt thanks

Lots of love
Love always
All our love

Wrapping It Up

Timely. Personal. These are the two keys to a Wedding Thank You Card that expresses your gratitude with warmth and impact. This small gesture of thoughtfulness is your gift to your generous givers.

Wedding Thank You Card Wording: Thank You for Coming

Your guests gave you a considerable amount of their time to attend your wedding. A gift in itself, yes?

  • Thank you for coming to celebrate with us, Matt and Olivia. Having you there added to our joy!
  • Thank you, Kyle and Amy, for adding to the “special” in our special day! Your presence warmed our hearts.
  • Thank you for the gifts of time and travel to be at our wedding, Sam and Emily. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. Thanks so much!
  • Your friendship means so much, John and Rianna. Thank you for celebrating the most special day of our lives with us!
  • We were so happy you made it to our wedding, Josh and Charlotte! We’ll always remember you were there the day we said, “I do.”·       Seeing your face when we turned to be announced as Mr. and Mrs. made us smile even more! Thank you so much for coming, Colette! You are a dear friend to us both.

Wedding Thank You Card Wording: Thank You for the Wedding Gift

Even if you don’t know what it is or what it’s for, maybe it’s a nice color? Do your best to craft a positive comment. “It’s so unique!”

  •     Your loving gesture made our day of love so special. The stained glass panel is breathtaking! Thank you, Nan!
  • Thank you, Rob and Susan, from the new Mr. & Mrs. Hanes! The towels are so luxurious, and they’re the perfect color.
  • Thank you for the salad bowl set, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. We love it so much, we’ve already used it three times! Thank you!
  • Your thoughtfulness brought us so much happiness! The shadow box is a treasure for always, Greta. Thank you.
  • Your kindness is a happy reminder of our wedding day. The picture frame is perfect for a honeymoon photo. Thank you, Uncle Bill and Aunt Rita!
  • Thanks so much! You know we love to cook, and the casserole is the perfect size. Thank you, Charlie and Anna!
  • How thoughtful of you! It means so much to have a table runner you quilted just for us. Thank you, Mrs. Larkin!
  • Thank you, from both of us. The comforter is as beautiful on our bed as it was online. Thanks so much, Jon and Amber.
  • Thank you, Kate and Anthony! We will always treasure your presence at our wedding, and the wine glasses are the perfect reminder of good times together!
  • We loved having you at our wedding, Chris and Heidi! Thanks so much for coming and for the tablecloth. The pattern is beautiful!
  • Thanks so much! You remembered how much we love art deco! The pitcher and tumblers are great, and we’ll love using them. Thank you, Sam and Renee.
  • Thank You. New bowls for Frank and Cooper! What a great gift, Jeff and Kate. Thanks so much.
  • Thank you. The hand-embroidered pillow shams are stunning, Laura! Thank you so much. They’re an heirloom to treasure.
  • Thanks so much! The serving bowl matches our décor perfectly, and the style is our kind of quirky! Thank you, Deb.
  • Thank you. Your gift was such a happy surprise! The cheerful suncatcher and the colorful mugs will brighten our mornings. Thanks, Mark and Beth.
  • Thank you. The elegant napkins will really dress up our table on special occasions. Thanks so much, Sean and Jada!
  • Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, for the wedding card and the set of coasters. We’ll think of you when we use them!
  • How thoughtful of you, Dan and Teresa! We love the cute custom plant pots and can’t wait to try out our collective green thumb. Thanks so much for such a unique wedding gift!
  • Your wedding gift is beautiful, Frank and Betty! We love artisan items, and the pottery bowl is gorgeous. Thank you!
  • The set of kitchen towels and the carved trivet will add your friendliness to our kitchen. Thank you, Ron and Mary! We appreciate your kindness as we start our life together.

Wedding Thank You Card Wording: Thank You for a Gift of Money

This may seem a little trickier, but we’ve got you covered. One of our ideas might be just what you want to say, or you might find yourself inspired with words of your own.

  • Thanks so much for your generous donation to our Honeymoon Fund, Jeremy and Hannah. Our week at the beach was all we hoped it would be!
  • Your card was so special! The thoughtful message touched our hearts, Zach and Emily, and your gift is beyond generous. We plan to add it to our savings for a set of professional cookware.
  • How beautiful! You always find the best cards. We appreciate your gift so much, Sandy. We needed one more place setting to complete our dishes. And now we don’t! Thank you.
  • Thank you for the lovely card and the check, Grandma. Your gift allowed us to splurge a little on our honeymoon and make a memory we would not have had without your generosity. Whale watching was amazing! Thanks so much! We love you!
  • Leave it to you to find the most unique wedding card! We love it, and we appreciate the gift that came with it. We used the money to buy the area rug we’ve had our eye on for the living room. Thanks, again, Sally.
  • Your card was especially pretty, and we’re so grateful for the check you enclosed, Dave and Connie. We’ll be putting the money towards new table lamps. Matching ones! Thank you!
  • Your thoughtful card made us feel so loved, Uncle Phil and Aunt Susan. Thank you, and thank you for the gift inside. We want to use the money for something that will always be in our home, so we’re looking for just the right picture for over the fireplace. Thanks, again.
  • Thank you for your card and gift, Drew and Olivia. The artwork on the card front was definitely “us” and such a thoughtful gesture. We added the money to our Honeymoon Fund. St. Simon’s was wonderful! Thank you!
  • Your card touched our hearts, Melissa. Thank you for such kind words and for the generous gift. We plan to use the money towards a special wooden salad bowl set crafted by a local artisan. Thanks so much!
  • You know us so well! The card was perfect, and your gift was more than generous. You’ve made it possible for us to replace the very used chair Greg brought to the marriage. Thank you, Hal and Mary!
  • Your thoughtful words mean so much to us, Gavin and Hali, and your check tops off our vacuum cleaner fund – one that can handle all the hair from Jack and Smokey! Thanks so much.
  • Thank you. Your card and the enclosed gift were such a lovely surprise! Thanks so much, Mr. and Mrs. Berry. We didn’t register for a toaster, as Brian owned one, but it stopped working yesterday. We’ll be shopping for a new one, courtesy of you two!
  • Thank you! It was so sweet of you to remember us on our wedding day, Matt and Julia. We needed one more place setting of our stoneware, so your gift will go towards that. Thanks, again!
  • Thank you. Mr. and Mrs. Perez, your card and gift made us smile! You two always bring joy. We’ll use the check towards a set of soup bowls we both love. Thanks, again!
  • Thank you. Thanks so much for the truly lovely card and the gift you enclosed, Joe and DeeDee. We’ve been looking for the perfect end table, so we’ll put your check towards that – when we find it!
  • Thank you. We appreciate your remembering us on our wedding day, Mrs. Brunswick. The card is lovely, and we’ll be using your gift to get the shower curtain we really wanted. It’s at the top of our shopping list!
  • Thank you! Thanks so much for your card and the check, Mr. Martin. We’re headed back to the store for the plant stand we made ourselves pass up yesterday! It will be a cheerful reminder of you, dear friend.
  • Thank you. Your generosity is so appreciated, Conner and Molly! We realized yesterday we needed a second pizza stone. We love it that you’ve invested in our pizza parties! Thanks, again.
  • Thank you. The beautiful card and thoughtful note are destined for our wedding treasure box, Mike and Barb, and thank you for the check. We need another ice bucket and more insulated tumblers if we’re going to host more game nights – which we love doing! Thanks for your contribution to fun! Thank you!
  • Uncle Josh and Aunt Terry, your card and check were special tokens of your love and support. We’re adding the money to our fund to upgrade our living room from Old Dorm to Newlyweds! Thank you.

Wedding Thank You Card Wording: Thank You for a Gift from Someone Who Did Not Attend

Invited guests usually send a gift, even if your wedding date doesn’t work with their calendar. Your note of thanks should express your regret at their absence and make specific mention of the gift that was given. The usual rules of etiquette covered earlier apply, of course. Here are a few ideas to use as a template or a starting point.

  • Thank you so much for the beautiful platter, Dylan and Elaine! We were sorry you weren’t able to join us for the wedding, but being out of town is a pretty good excuse! We’ll get together soon.
  • The bedding set is perfect, Jillian! We wish you could have been with us for all the fun. You were truly missed!
  • We would have loved to have you among our wedding guests, but it warmed our hearts to know you were thinking of us from afar. The blanket is so cozy and we love the color. Thanks so much, Jack and Layla!
  • Thank you, Uncle Steve and Aunt Melissa, for the cutting board and knife block set. We’re both kitchen tool nuts, so your gift is perfect! We missed you so much at our wedding, and we know you would have come if it had been possible. Hopefully, the livestream let you enjoy the ceremony with us at a distance. Thanks,again!
  • Thanks so much, Jake and Sarah, for your thoughtful note and the beautiful carved wood candlesticks. We missed you at the wedding but understand calendar crunches. Thank you!
  • Thank you for the picnic basket set, Brad and Cassie. We can’t wait to use it! You were missed at the wedding, but we understand having to sometimes send regrets. Thanks so much!
  • Thank you, Kimberly, for the framed calligraphy. It’s so beautiful! We’re sorry you had to miss the fun of the wedding, but we’ll make sure to send you the link for all the pics. Love you!
  • Thank you so much, Mr. and Mrs. Nolan, for the Christmas tablecloth. What a lovely idea! You were missed at the wedding, but maybe we can connect soon. At least by Christmas! Thanks, again.
  • Thanks, Stacey, for the clever salt and pepper set. We’ve never seen one quite like it! It would have been great to have you at our wedding, but we understand schedule conflicts and previous obligations and such. Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated!
  • Thank you, Vince and Lauren, for your kind words and the mixing bowl set. They’re such great sizes, and perfect for serving, too. We were sorry you had to send your regrets, but we understand. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness!

Wedding Thank You Card Wording: Thank You for a Gift from Someone Not on the Guest List

Friends, neighbors, or coworkers may give a wedding gift even if they are not on the guest list, which puts them on the Thank You Card list. Avoid referencing the perfect event they missed, and the rest is standard. Most of the thank you messages we’ve offered for gifts or money will fit here, too.

In the end, expressions of gratitude enrich the sender, too. Add your personal touch with our beautiful range of thank you cards. Customizing with your names, wedding date, and photos is simple, and our template guides you step by step.

You might find yourself smiling as you think of all the friends and family and neighbors and coworkers who supported you on your very special day…opening their Wedding Thank You Cards.

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