How To Plan A Farewell Party For Friends, Family or Coworkers

Close-up view of a vintage train station sign with arrows pointing in different directions, one labeled 'One last kiss goodbye' and the other 'Late again, miss the train,' with a classic yellow train in the background. This image captures the emotional essence of farewells and departures
Close-up view of a vintage train station sign with arrows pointing in different directions, one labeled 'One last kiss goodbye' and the other 'Late again, miss the train,' with a classic yellow train in the background. This image captures the emotional essence of farewells and departures

On average, people move almost a dozen times in their lifetime.

Goodbyes are always bittersweet. Despite this, you can focus on the sweet part by throwing a lovely farewell party for the occasion. That way, everyone has a chance to say goodbye properly while enjoying each other’s company to the fullest.

Are you wondering what you should do for a going away party? Read on to learn all about it, including how to plan one.

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Invitation for a farewell party titled 'Fond Farewell!' celebrating Lanie Marie Stevens as she leaves for her mission trip. The design features a heart intertwined with an airplane path on a deep blue textured background.

Create party invitation in minutes

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Create party invitation in minutes

Browse gorgeous designs for every party theme!

Invitation for a farewell party titled 'Fond Farewell!' celebrating Lanie Marie Stevens as she leaves for her mission trip. The design features a heart intertwined with an airplane path on a deep blue textured background.

Going Away Party for a Friend

A going away party for a friend centers on the deep emotion of bidding farewell while celebrating the cherished friendship. It’s a time to honor shared memories and wish your friend the best no matter where they go.


One captivating theme is Bon Voyage, which embraces a nautical vibe. You should decorate the venue with anchors, sailor hats, maritime decor, and maybe even a makeshift ship’s wheel. This theme can spark a sense of adventure and new beginnings, aligning perfectly with the idea of a friend starting a new chapter in life.

Around the World is another spirited theme where each section of the party area represents a different country. Decorate with flags, cultural artifacts, and foods ideas from various places worldwide for an international atmosphere. This theme can be particularly fun if your friend loves to travel or is heading to a new country.

For a more nostalgic approach, consider a Road Trip theme. Decorate the venue with maps, car cutouts, road signs, and travel-related items. This theme can evoke the essence of freedom by symbolizing the road ahead.

Activities and Games

To make the going away party extra special, include activities and games that highlight the friendship, as well as shared experiences. One heartfelt activity involves a memory jar. Hand out slips of paper and pens or pencils for guests to write down their favorite memories with the guest of honor. The friend can then take the jar with them so they’ll have a way to reminisce about the good times whenever they want.

Try setting up a photo booth featuring props related to the party theme to add a fun and hands-on element. Guests can take pictures with the person of the hour to create instant keepsakes. Use props like compasses for a Bon Voyage theme or safari hats for an Around the World theme.

A personalized playlist is another knockout idea. Write up a list of songs that express a deeper meaning for the group and the friend who’s leaving. Playing these songs throughout the party can stir up a mix of memories and emotions to make the event that much more personal.


Themed centerpieces can enhance the atmosphere like nothing else. For a Bon Voyage theme, miniature boat models will captivate guests. For Around the World, a beautiful bouquet of flowers from different regions can serve as centerpieces.

A farewell banner is a simple yet classic decoration. Hang a banner with a heartfelt farewell message that captures the essence of the event and the feelings involved. For instance, “It’s Not Goodbye, It’s Until Next Time.”

Creating a photo timeline is another beautiful decor idea. Display a timeline of photos that show iconic moments with the friend. This visual journey not only decorates the space but also serves as a conversation starter and a trip down memory lane.


Themed invites can be designed to match the party’s motif, whether it’s nautical elements for a Bon Voyage theme or travel-related images like planes, ships, or passports for an Around the World theme. Either way, be sure to send them well in advance.

Adding a personal touch to the invitations makes them even more special. Include a sincere message about the friendship and the significance of the party. This personal note can make the invite feel more intimate and meaningful, and guests will understand the importance of the occasion.

Retirement Farewell Party

A retirement farewell party is a lifetime event that marks the end of a professional journey and the start of a new, thrilling chapter. It’s an opportunity to honor the retiree’s years of hard work, dedication, and contributions. The celebration should be noteworthy and reflect the retiree’s personality, interests, and the legacy they’ve built.


One popular theme for a retirement party is Golden Years. This theme emphasizes the positive nature of retirement. It does this by using gold and sparkly accents in the decor to symbolize the golden years ahead.

Think in terms of golden balloons, tablecloths, and centerpieces that will make the event dazzling.

Another engaging theme is Travel Adventure. Since many retirees look forward to traveling, a travel-themed party can be both exciting and appropriate.

Decorate the venue with eye-catching maps, suitcases, and more. Each table can represent a different destination, and you can even serve international cuisine to match the theme.

Memory Lane is a sentimental theme that focuses on the retiree’s career journey. Put together a timeline highlighting significant milestones and achievements.

Be sure to pin up photos, awards, and mementos from different stages of their career. This can allow guests to walk through and reminisce about the shared experiences and accomplishments.

Activities and Games

Are you wondering what activities and games can fully engage the guests and celebrate the retiree’s career?

One heartfelt activity is Memory Sharing. This is where guests are invited to share their favorite memories or stories about the retiree. It can be done through an open mic session or by writing down passages in a keepsake book. Either way, this activity is sure to pull everyone’s heartstrings.

A fun and interactive game is Career Trivia. Prepare a quiz about the retiree’s career, including fun facts, remarkable achievements, and perhaps some light-hearted moments. This not only entertains the guests but also highlights the retiree’s professional journey in an engaging way.

Another thoughtful activity is creating a Retirement Bucket List. Provide a space where guests can suggest delightful activities or goals for the retiree to pursue in their next chapter. This can include travel destinations, hobbies, or even adventurous activities they haven’t yet tried.


A balloon arch in the retiree’s favorite colors can act as an eye-catching entrance or photo backdrop. Balloons always add a festive and joyful atmosphere to any party.

A memory board is another great decor idea where guests can write messages, well wishes, and personal notes to the retiree. This board becomes a cherished keepsake for the retiree to remember the love and appreciation from colleagues, friends, and family.


Formal invitations are a perfect choice for a more traditional and elegant party. These can be printed on high-quality paper with classic designs that match the theme. Consider golden trim or flakes for a Golden Years theme or an artistic landscape for a Travel Adventure.

If you want a more modern option, digital invitations can make your life easier. Online platforms allow you to create custom retirement party e-invites that can be sent via email or social media with just a click.

Moving Away Party for Neighbors

A moving away party for neighbors emphasizes a strong sense of community and the bond shared within the whole neighborhood. It’s a chance to celebrate the relationships formed and also create lasting memories before saying goodbye.


A Neighborhood Block Party is an ideal theme for a casual outdoor gathering. This theme helps people reflect on the beautiful neighborhood they’ve created, and it often features a barbecue or potluck where everyone contributes a dish.

Be sure to decorate the area with picnic tables, colorful tablecloths, and string lights. Doing this will create a warm and inviting atmosphere that encourages mingling and story-swapping.

The Home Sweet Home theme focuses on the comfort and coziness that only comes from where the person originally lived. Use decorations that remind everyone of home, such as unique welcome mats, potted plants that make a statement, and cozy seating arrangements. This theme creates a homey environment that reflects the close-knit nature of the neighborhood and the fond memories created there.

For a more relaxed and laid-back gathering, consider a Picnic in the Park theme. This theme involves spreading out soft blankets, setting up picnic baskets, and enjoying plenty of outdoor games. It’s perfect for a daytime event in a local park where neighbors can enjoy the natural surroundings and each other’s company.

Activities and Games

Do you want to make the moving away party as engaging and memorable as possible? If so, you should plan relevant activities and games that celebrate the community and shared experiences.

A fun activity is Neighborhood Trivia, where guests answer questions about fun facts and the history of the neighborhood. This game can spark conversations and nostalgia while highlighting the one-of-a-kind aspects of the community.

If you do a potluck type of party, then you can challenge people to eating contests. You could also have people rate the dishes and find out which one is the party favorite. This communal meal fosters a sense of togetherness while encouraging everyone to try all the food.

Classic garden party games like sack races, egg and spoon races, or tug of war add further elements of friendly competition. These games are perfect for outdoor settings and can be enjoyed by both small children and grown-ups, making the event lively and interactive for all.


The decor for a moving away party should be inviting and reflective of the neighborhood’s tight-knit spirit. Garden lights, such as string lights or lanterns, can be hung around the party area to create a magical atmosphere, especially if the event is held in the evening.

DIY signs are a heartfelt touch that adds personality to the party. Create handmade signs with messages like “We’ll Miss You” or “Good Luck,” and place them around the venue. These signs can be crafted by different neighbors to add a personal and collaborative aspect to the decor.

A Memory Wall is a wonderful way to celebrate shared experiences. Set up a wall where neighbors can pin up photos, notes, and drawings. This wall becomes a visual tribute to the time spent together that allows everyone to add their personality and reflect on the significant moments they’ve shared.


Invitations for a moving away party should convey a casual and welcoming tone. Whether you print them or send them digitally, you can pick an announcement that features an urban or suburban neighborhood, depending on where you live.

For a more personal touch, consider door-to-door invitations. Hand-deliver the invites to your neighbors so that everyone feels directly invited. This approach also provides an opportunity to have a brief chit-chat and express how much their presence at the party would mean.

Send-Off Party for a Child Leaving Home

A send-off party for a child leaving home, whether for college or a new job, is a blend of celebration and encouragement for their new journey. It’s a special occasion to honor their achievements, offer support, and share in the excitement of their next big step.


College Bound is a popular theme, especially if the child is heading off to university. Decorate the venue with the college’s colors, mascot, and more, such as banners, pennants, and balloons. This theme highlights the child’s next educational milestone and builds excitement for the next phase of their academic life.

Create an enchanting and whimsical send-off party with a Garden of Dreams theme. This theme emphasizes growth, potential, and the beautiful blossoming of new opportunities. The serene and magical garden setting symbolizes the nurturing environment from which the child is venturing out to discover their own path.

The Dream Big theme focuses on motivation and encouragement. Decorate the space with inspirational quotes, stars, and elements that symbolize ambitious dreams and aspirations. This theme is designed to inspire the child to aim high and pursue their goals with the utmost confidence.

Activities and Games

To make the send-off party memorable, incorporate activities and games that celebrate the child’s past and future. One heartfelt activity is an Advice Book. Provide a book where guests can write advice, tips, and well-wishes for the child’s new journey. This kind of book will become a cherished keepsake full of wisdom and motivation.

Set up a Wishing Tree where guests can write their hopes and dreams for the child of the hour on small cards and hang them on the branches. This creates a visual representation of the collective wishes and support from friends and family.

Another awesome activity is a Planting Station where guests can plant seeds in small pots to symbolize new beginnings. As these plants grow, they’ll act as a living reminder of the child’s journey and the love that always surrounds them.

A similar idea involves setting up a crafting station where guests can create items like dorm decor, inspirational posters, or memory boxes. These handmade items can be taken with the child to their new residence to provide comfort and reminders of their support system.


The decor for a send-off party should be both celebratory and inspiring. Sage quotes can be used to decorate the venue. Display posters or signs in strategic locations so that they fill the place with wise words.

Use a large chalkboard or chalkboard paper to create a customizable backdrop where guests can write messages, draw pictures, or leave their signatures. This customizable backdrop adds a more personal touch to the event and is something fun that all attendees can do.

Buy or craft hot air balloon-themed centerpieces using small baskets, helium balloons, and decorative paper to symbolize the child’s upcoming adventure and lift off into their new journey.


If you’re going with the College Bound theme, be sure to add elements of the school’s branding. Flower-based send-off invites can symbolize the amazing growth the child has done so far and will continue to do. Butterflies are yet another symbol that represents someone who is changing for the better and has the ability to fly and reach new heights.

It’s okay to get sentimental about the occasion, so feel free to add cute baby pictures or other adorable photos to the invitation. Just be sure they aren’t too embarrassing for the guest of honor.

It’s Time to Throw a Momentous Going Away Party

By planning a wonderful going away party, that special someone will feel loved long after they’ve left.

Do you want to ensure everyone attends? If so, be sure to send out beautiful going-away party invitations well ahead of time. Greetings Islands specializes in artistic invitation solutions for all occasions.

We make it easy for you to invite people to your send-off party in a tasteful and memorable way.

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