A Berry Sweet National Strawberry Day Party: Celebrate Small Joys With Krissy Bockman

A Berry Sweet National Strawberry Day
A Berry Sweet National Strawberry Day

Did you know that strawberries are a member of the rose family? It’s no wonder why National Strawberry Day (February 27th) falls so closely after Valentine’s Day. Roses and Strawberries are symbols of love, elegance, and sweetness.

Although National Strawberry Day has only been recognized as a holiday for around 10 years, plenty of online personalities like Krissy Bockman (@miss_bockmania) have turned this event into a day worth celebrating.

If you want to know how you can plan a memorable National Strawberry Day event, keep reading to get the inside scoop. These tips will also make planning any other type of event a breeze!

Sustainability Is the Key to Finding the Perfect Party Decor

Who says you need to have expensive decorations to create a stunning party environment? According to Krissy, she was able to create her layout by browsing her local supermarkets and dollar stores to find items that would match her theme. She also keeps a few party staples on hand that can be reused for all kinds of events, such as this grass table runner.

“When purchasing party items, I try to pick items that I know can be reused again in the future,” Krissy says while talking about preparing for her National Strawberry Day setup. “In this case, I knew that this runner could be used for future parties, such as football, springtime, etc. Knowing that I can reuse an item in the future makes me feel good about a purchase.”

Not only does this lower your expenses for planning parties in the future, but you can also reduce your waste and have a positive impact on the environment.

You don’t have to worry if your decor isn’t quite perfect for your specific event. With a bit of creativity, you can spruce up your reusable decor so that it’s a great match. Another item that Krissy reused for this event was glass milk jars, which she first bought for a Western-themed baby shower.

Strawberry invitation design featuring a berry sweet theme with illustrations of strawberries juxtaposed with actual strawberries. On the other side, a captivating portrait of a woman at a lively party adds a delightful touch.
Strawberry – Birthday Invitation

Food and Drinks Can Tie Your Event Together

Putting together your decor can feel stressful enough, which is why Krissy suggests that no host should overlook their local supermarket bakery section for party foods. You can keep things simple by buying ready-to-serve dishes or you can create a more homemade feel by adding your own decorations.

“For this event, I picked up strawberry pastries and angel food cake from the bakery along with some fresh strawberries. I was able to use some clear cups that I purchased at the dollar store to make individual angel food cakes with whipped cream and strawberries.”

Taking the time to decorate individual cake cups is a clever way to serve guests faster and make cleanup easy. Not to mention, the cups will look delightful next to your decor.

Drinks are another way you can wow your guests. For National Berry Day, you can serve classics like strawberry lemonade, fruit punch, margaritas, or slushies. These strawberry drink recipes are guaranteed to be a hit with any crowd!

How to Take Instagrammable Party Photos Like a Pro

If you’re going through all of the trouble to organize a beautiful event, you should learn how to take photos that capture the life of the party. These pictures can spice up your Instagram feed and help create lasting memories.

“Photography is a different kind of art,” says Krissy, who’s been taking pictures for over 13 years. “Besides parties, my other passion has always been photography.”

To take professional-looking photos, Krissy shares that “it’s about focal points, lighting, angles and capturing the moments. A lot of it is practice. If you take a photo and you’re not happy with it, try it again from a new angle. That new angle you try could change the lighting in your photo, which could be just perfect.”

If you don’t have the budget for a professional photographer, there are plenty of other tips that can help you master getting the best shot at any event.

Krissy also suggests adding flowers to your photos for pops of color and freshness. You can skip the florist shop to keep your costs low and browse your local supermarket to find a bouquet that matches your party’s color scheme. To elevate her store-bought bouquet, Krissy trimmed some leaves from the trees in her backyard to add extra greenery and used a vase she already owned to display her bouquet.

Charming strawberry day party table setting showcasing a delicious strawberry pie on a plate adorned with strawberry illustrations. On the other side, a beautiful flower centerpiece graces a meticulously set party table.

Why It’s Important to Celebrate the Small Joys

It’s no secret that recent times have been tough for everyone around the world, which is why Krissy thought it was important to find new ways to make lockdown life more exciting for her family.

“2020 was a rough year for many with everything being canceled. At the beginning of 2021, I went through the National Day calendar and wrote down my favorites. I decided that I would select at least two each month to celebrate. It’s the perfect excuse for my daughter to get together with her cousins. For the month of February, we celebrated Galentine’s Day and National Strawberry Day.”

Even as life starts to return to normal, Krissy says she’s going to continue this tradition because it brings her family so much joy.

“Going into March, we’ll be celebrating Oreo Day (March 6th). We’re not having a party, but Oreos will definitely be consumed. I have a daughter and 3 nieces who live nearby and Barbie’s birthday is on March 9th. They don’t know it yet, but we’ll be having a little party for her, too.”

For many people, this past year has taught us how to slow down and appreciate the little things in life. Hopefully, we never lose sight of this lesson so we can continue to enjoy a lifetime of togetherness, fun, and endless reasons to celebrate.

Are You Inspired to Plan Your Next Event?

If you want to add more cheer to your life, why not celebrate whimsical holidays like National Strawberry Day? Not only will you and all of your guests have a blast, but these events are also the perfect opportunity to spend extra time with loved ones and celebrate precious moments.

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“Going from Western to National Strawberry Day shows how easy it can be to reuse items,” she says. “In this case, the glasses had a cow embossed on them. I used some pink cardstock I had at the house to cut into strips and tape around the jar. I didn’t feel that it was quite the look I was going for yet so I cut some strawberries from an extra paper plate and glued them to the front.”