25 Thanksgiving Wishes Ideas For a Happy Holiday

We’re here to help you spread warm wishes and cheerful greetings to family, friends, neighbours, and clients this Thanksgiving. Browse our gallery of professionally-created card designs, including photo upload options, traditional themes, and turkey-forward fun.

  • The Easiest Holiday? – Whether your relationship with the recipient is casual or close, sharing a Thanksgiving greeting has next to no pitfalls to avoid. But there are a few.
  • Sensible Sensitivity – Be sensitive to families gathering for their first Thanksgiving after the loss of a loved one. Avoid texts that mention “everyone gathered,” for instance. Common sense and kindness are all you need here.
  • Who’s Your Audience? – For some families, Thanksgiving is food, fun, and football. For others, the fun is in the family time and traditions of thankfulness. As always, think through who gets which greeting, and you’re good to go.

25 Warm Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving

Send your sincerest warm wishes or opt for the lighter side of Thanksgiving. Your choice, our helping hand.

  • Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful hearts sharing a memorable meal? A recipe for a wonderful day! Enjoy!
  • Filled with gratitude and cheer… Our hearts are overflowing with thankfulness for you!
  • May this season of gratitude grow our thankfulness for what we have and those we love. Warmest Thanksgiving Wishes!
Grateful thanksgiving card family holiday message wishes autumn leaves fall
Pumpkin Leaves – Thanksgiving Card
  • Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! Translation: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  • “For Thy gracious blessing, For Thy wondrous Word, For Thy lovingkindness, We give thanks, O Lord.” – Traditional Thanksgiving Canon. May thankful, happy hearts surround your table! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • With blessings piled high and loved ones nearby, may Thanksgiving be joyful from turkey to pie!
  • Give Thanks… Gratitude widens our view of the blessings that surround us. Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving card thankful autumn leaves pumpkin holiday wishes message
Sparkle Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving Card
  • Happy Feasting! Happy Relaxing! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing you more blessings than you can count all year long!
  • The days and months go quickly round, filling up with reasons to give thanks. You’re on the list again! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Giving Thanks for blessings that came and troubles that didn’t! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Sending warm Thanksgiving wishes for health and peace, love and joy, and ever-thankful hearts.
pumpkin pie thanksgiving family holiday wishes message card
Pie in the Sky – Thanksgiving Card
  • Thanksgiving is all about the stretchy pants and one more slice of pie. Have a Thanksgiving that fills you with joy!
  • Counting blessings starts with treasured loved ones. Count yourself counted! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • From the golden bird to the goal posts, have a Happy Thanksgiving!
  • May you have the blessing of gathering with thankfulness, surrounded by people you love and enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Parades. Feast. Football. What’s not to like? Happy Thanksgiving!
family thanksgiving holiday leaves autumn fall flowers thankful
Thanksgiving Clipart – Thanksgiving Card
  • Thanksgiving is thankful hearts gathered together, counting blessings new and old. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • At this time of thankfulness, we’re especially mindful of how much you mean to us. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!
  • It’s all fun and games until someone eats the last piece of pie. Bring on the cookies! Have a great Thanksgiving!
  • By the end of Thanksgiving Day, there are even more blessings to count! Happy celebrating!
thanksgiving turkey family holiday card autumn pumpkin fall
Turkey Talk – Thanksgiving Card
  • On Thanksgiving, roll call is when the cook says, “Somebody, eat that last roll!” So you do. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • You… Pie… You… Pie… It’s always hard to start my blessings list. Happy Thanksgiving, #1!
  • With warmest wishes for delicious dishes and cheerful company to share them! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Thinking of you on Thanksgiving with gratitude and love and joy!

Sending your Happy Thanksgiving wishes was pretty easy, right? And remembering how many people enrich our lives grows our thankfulness – just in time to celebrate it. If you’re hosting, check out our decorating tips to simplify creating a warm Thanksgiving welcome for your guests. Happy Celebrating!

Photo credit: Robert Zunikoff, Alex Motoc, Rinck Content Studio, Erol Ahmed, Priscilla Du Preez, Jasmine Coro