You Bloom

Farewell card
Size 5”x7”
Gather greetings with everyone in one card
Perfect for teams or families to stay connected
Create a stunning card with ease
Invite everyone to sign
Share the final card digitally or print it
Create group card
Color Orange
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Design description
Send heartfelt wishes with this enchanting goodbye card, perfect for saying farewell to a cherished friend and kindred spirit. The card features a delightful border of colorful, blooming daisies and lush green leaves, framing the heartfelt message. Two charming colorways ensure there's an option to suit any preference: one with a vibrant checkerboard background and another with a solid, soft hue. Both designs carry a warm, nostalgic charm, making them an ideal pick for those special farewells. This card is a touching way to convey how much your friend’s presence will be missed.
Inside Text
To say I’ll miss you is a shadow of what my heart feels. Distance will end lunches and walks, but our friendship will take a new form with new ways to connect, and we’ll be “us” always. May you find community and peace in your new home!