We Love You Mom

Mother's day card
Size 5”x7”
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Design description
This charming Mother's Day card showcases a simple yet heartwarming design. The centerpiece is a large, pink heart outlined in black, exuding a playful and loving vibe. Above the heart, the sketched text "We love you," is written in a whimsical, handwritten style, adding a personal touch. The word "MOM" is boldly placed within the heart, making the sentiment clear and heartfelt. The minimalistic white background keeps the focus on the heartfelt message, ensuring that it stands out beautifully. This card is perfect for expressing love and appreciation with a touch of simplicity and elegance.
Inside Text
We love your smile And your sense of humor. We love your gift For loving us well. Most of all, Mom, We love you Just for being you! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!