Take Flight

Love card
Size 5”x7”
Gather greetings with everyone in one card
Perfect for teams or families to stay connected
Create a stunning card with ease
Invite everyone to sign
Share the final card digitally or print it
Create group card
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Design description
This charming love and romance card features a delightful design of two stylized deer, one with antlers and the other with a more delicate form. The background is a textured, warm beige tone, evoking a sense of rustic charm and intimacy. Above the deer, bold and playful text reads "LET'S RUN AWAY," expressing a spontaneous and adventurous spirit. A small red heart between the deer adds a touch of sweetness, while two small birds adorn the corners, symbolizing freedom and unity. This card is perfect for couples who cherish adventure and a deep connection.
Inside Text
Love discovers secret clearings of treasured togetherness. Let's revisit some of ours.