Peacock & flowers

Wedding congratulations card
Size 7”x5”
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Design description
This elegant wedding card design captivates with its enchanting and regal appeal. Against a soft, blush pink background, two majestic peacocks extend their intricate, colorful feathers in a symmetrical embrace, framed by delicate blooms and greenery. Their plumage, a brilliant array of blues, greens, and golds, exudes an air of grandeur and celebration. Positioned in the center, in an exquisite gold, cursive font, is the heartwarming message "Wishing you a lifetime of happiness." This card beautifully combines the opulence of peacocks with a heartfelt sentiment, making it a perfect blend of visual splendor and sincere well-wishes for a special wedding day.
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Inside Text
To the new story of your life together, written in years of growing love! Congratulations on your engagement!