Owl grad

Graduation card
Size 5”x7”
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Design description
This cheerful "Congrats Grad!" card features an adorable hand-drawn owl, depicted in a charming, cartoonish style. The owl, comfortably perched with a graduation cap atop its head, exudes scholarly charm with its glasses and a diploma firmly in its talons. Swirly, celebratory text in a playful scribble of coral-colored ink proudly announces the congratulatory message at the top. Surrounding the owl are joyful scribbles and confetti-like doodles in yellow, adding to the festive and celebratory feel. The creamy beige background complements the vibrancy of the design, making it the perfect card to celebrate a hard-earned graduation with warmth and cheer.
Inside Text
Woo-Hoo! Good for you! Great job!