Beige Watercolor Splash

Mother's day card
Size 5”x7”
Gather greetings with everyone in one card
Perfect for teams or families to stay connected
Create a stunning card with ease
Invite everyone to sign
Share the final card digitally or print it
Create group card
Spread the joy
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Design description
This Mother's Day card features a delicate and elegant design, perfect for expressing your heartfelt appreciation. The card's background is a soft pastel pink watercolor wash, creating a soothing and artistic ambiance. Gold accents, including splashes, spots, and subtle lines, add a touch of sophistication and glamour. The prominent, scripted text "Happy Mother's Day" is skillfully integrated into the design with a stylish, golden font, making the sentiment stand out beautifully. This card exudes warmth, love, and a sense of refined celebration, making it an exquisite choice to honor and cherish all that mothers do.