Air Mail

Thank you card
Size 5”x7”
Gather greetings with everyone in one card
Perfect for teams or families to stay connected
Create a stunning card with ease
Invite everyone to sign
Share the final card digitally or print it
Create group card
Spread the joy
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Design description
This charming thank you card design features a minimalistic, beige background adorned with an adorable hand-drawn bird holding an envelope in its beak. Positioned above a playful banner with the words "just a little note to say…," this whimsical illustration perfectly sets the tone for sincere gratitude. Styled in elegant, cursive handwriting, the pre-printed message extends warm thanks and underlines the importance of friendship. Ideal for expressing heartfelt appreciation, this card effortlessly conveys warmth and affection, making it the perfect choice for any occasion when you want to let someone know just how much they mean to you.