Studio Stories: Black Lamb Studio

Banner showcasing Isabel Serna of Black Lamb Studio, smiling as she stands in front of a computer. Adjacent are two of her invitation designs, harmoniously complemented by illustrations from her portfolio.
Banner showcasing Isabel Serna of Black Lamb Studio, smiling as she stands in front of a computer. Adjacent are two of her invitation designs, harmoniously complemented by illustrations from her portfolio.

Appreciating Life and Family, an Interview With Isabel Serna, Founder of Black Lamb Studio

Isabel Serna has a life full of joy and adventures that inspires her to create spectacular art. Her adorable dog may be her ultimate muse, but you’ll find plenty of other lovable characters in her designs as well.
We had the chance to interview this wonderful artist about our exclusive collaboration, the story behind Black Lamb Studio, and so much more. Keep reading to learn all about her and her work

You’ve designed a range of invitations for Greetings Island. Which one is your personal favorite and why?

I had a lot of fun designing all of the invitations, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Bachelorette invitation! I absolutely loved illustrating all the cute icons.

Your designs for Greetings Island contain fun elements like vibrant plants, fresh fruits, sleepy cats, and disco balls. What inspires you to create such whimsical scenes?
I love to see the world through a whimsical lens and create illustrations and scenes that make me smile. I think my work is a reflection of my playful personality.

Two vibrant invitations by Isabel Serna - Black Lamb for Greetings Island: one a birthday invite with text styled as cake and candles; the other a housewarming invite depicting boxes with a lamp, plants, a cat, and a fish tank, inviting guests to celebrate a new home.

Do you have any design principles as an artist that you keep in mind when you start a new project? For example, do you think that empty space or symmetry are essential in every piece?

I think my biggest design principle is that, when it comes to details and colors, more is more. I love to add patterns and fun and unexpected color combinations to my designs.

You’ve stated that you love to travel. Which places have left the biggest impression on you as an artist and why?

Being from Colombia, traveling to other Latin American countries really inspires me. Perú in particular was incredibly inspiring for me and it made me realize where my love for colors and patterns comes from and what my motivation for creating came from. It was after that trip that Black Lamb Studio was born.

Do you have a specific routine that helps you get into a productive workflow?

I think showering and getting dressed before I start work helps me be more productive and more creative. I do love working in my pajamas, but I don’t do it often. Also, I love planners and to-do lists. Writing things down really helps me focus.

Isabel Serna, the creative force of Black Lamb Studio, captured in her home studio, immersed in the art of drawing.

From greeting cards to mugs and phone cases, your art has been transformed in so many fun ways. What’s been your favorite item to create and what object would you love to see your art appear on the most?

I really love writing and illustrating books. Books feel more permanent and I love that about them. As far as products, I love my Hershey’s! Designing chocolate molds and chocolate packaging was an absolute dream come true. I would love to see my art in clothing I can wear and ceramics!

Dogs are featured in a lot of your artwork and you even published a book called Dog Mom. You also have an adorable French bulldog named Charlie. Do you have any funny or sweet stories about him that have shaped you as an artist?

Dogs are absolutely amazing and Charlie is my muse and inspiration. I try to sneak him in as many of my projects as possible! Actually, a publisher reached out to me to create the Dog Mom book based on everything I was sharing about my life with Charlie at the time and it became not only one of my most treasured projects, but definitely part of my brand identity.

What was it like to establish your own design studio? Is there a story behind the name Black Lamb Studio?
Black Lamb Studio comes from feeling a bit like a “black sheep” in a family of engineers and teachers when I decided I wanted to be a designer. Since my aesthetic is fun and cute, I thought lamb would be more appropriate haha. Establishing my design studio has been a dream, but it has also been a lot of work and perseverance. I was working as a product designer for a luggage company and decided I wanted and needed to do something that fed my creativity and my love for colors and patterns. I would love to keep growing and work with dream worldwide companies like Ikea, have a line at Target, and I would also love to keep illustrating books.

Is there a special party that you’ve hosted or attended that stands out in your memories? What made this event so spectacular to you?
Last year we had a pizza party at home celebrating my husband’s birthday. This was after one year of remodeling our home, which made it extra special. The weather was glorious and we were out by the pool with twinkling lights and soft music. Both of our families were there just being together and enjoying each other’s company. It was one of those moments that really makes you appreciate life and family.

Based on how creative your art is, lots of people would assume that you’re an incredible event planner, too. Would you agree with this? If there were no constraints or limitations, what would your dream party look like?
I am definitely a planner! I love to create romantic and cozy atmospheres with lots of candles, twinkling lights, lots of fresh florals, delicious food presented in a beautiful way, live music, dancing, and lots of laughing.

We’d Love to Brighten Up All Your Special Occasions

Isabel Serna of Black Lamb Studio has already accomplished so much as a young artist, but we can expect so many more jaw-dropping projects from her in the future. Knowing the charming stories behind her artwork will help you feel even more connected to the greeting cards and invitations (full collection link) she designed for Greetings Island.

Greetings Island loves working with independent artists to create the most unique designs imaginable. From birthdays to holidays and beyond, you can bet that we have the perfect card for every occasion in life. Have a look at our entire collection of invitations so you can find your favorites.
Would you like to keep up with Isabel Serna’s adventures and artistic creations? You can follow her on Instagram @blacklambstudio to stay in touch.