Studio Stories: Bethan Richards

Banner featuring Bethan Richard's portrait flanked by two of her intricate invitation designs, highlighting her bespoke stationery services.
Banner featuring Bethan Richard's portrait flanked by two of her intricate invitation designs, highlighting her bespoke stationery services.

Finding Inspiration in the Most unusual places, An Interview with Bethan Richards

Bethan may identify as an introvert, but she has no trouble making art that helps connect the world. She’s always aspired to be an artist and her journey to get there is incredible.

Read on to enjoy an interesting interview with Bethan Richards & browse her invite collection

What inspired you while you were creating the invite collection for Greetings Island?

I take a lot of inspiration from still life and nature, but I think the best inspiration is the kind that you don’t look for at all. I try to start out with a basic concept: something as simple as a room, a piece of foliage, a singular object, and I build on that. My initial idea and the final outcome can be completely different as I just figure out what works and what doesn’t while I’m creating. I try to not push myself to create something and just let things flow as organically as possible. When I’m not focusing on it, that’s when ideas start to pop into my head. 

What do you like about creating stationary compared to other types of art?

I love that stationary can brighten the day of whoever uses it. There is such a variety out there that can match all types of people and personalities. I can be really free and expressive with what I create and there will be people out in the world who connect with it. 

What kinds of stationary do you love making the most? Some examples could include thank you cards, romantic cards, party invitations, congratulatory cards, and more.

I love creating greetings cards or anything that is gifted to another person. They can be so niche and personal and I love finding that perfect invite or card for family and friends. I struggled for a while to figure out my own personal style as an artist and what direction I wanted to go in. There was always an internal conflict that art needed to be profound or have a deeper meaning. After working within the greetings industry for the past 6 years, I’ve found such a love for creating things that just make people smile!

Do you have a favorite medium? Do you enjoy combining specific mediums to make your pieces more dynamic?

In recent years, I’ve really focused on creating my art fully digitally. I enjoy the versatility and the possibilities to learn new skills are endless. If I think of an idea or a certain look I want to create in a piece of art, I love to lose myself in trying to figure out how to achieve it. My brain thrives on challenges and problem solving and working digitally constantly pushes me to improve and learn. 

Do you have a routine that helps you create art, such as listening to certain types of music, sipping on some tea, being in a specific environment?

I can be a bit of an introvert and I very much enjoy my own company. So being in my own space while wearing comfy clothes and fluffy socks is my ideal work environment. There is always music, podcasts, or my favorite TV show playing while I’m creating. It helps me zone out of the world around me and go into my own creative bubble. My favorite things to listen to are true crime podcasts, which I think makes for an odd juxtaposition as my art tends to be bright, fun, and colorful. 

What is a typical workday like for you? 

It can really vary. I left my full-time design job a few months ago to pursue being a freelancer full-time so I think I’m still figuring it out. I always tend to start my day with a walk around my local lake or a trip to the gym. I try to spend my mornings prioritizing exercise and doing things that are good for my mental health, as being my only colleague can get lonely sometimes! I am my most productive in the evening. I love the quiet and peacefulness of nighttime. It really lets me escape into my own creative space without any distractions. 

What objects or themes do you like incorporating into your art the most?

I use a lot of nature, still life, and characters within my art. I’m a bit of a daydreamer and love to just sit and watch the world go by. I find when you take a step back and just observe, you can find inspiration in the most unusual places. 

Custom invitation designs by Bethan Richards for Greetings Island: The housewarming party invitation showcases an inviting illustration of a living room bathed in warm colors, conveying a sense of homey hospitality, while the bachelorette party invitation presents a chic and stylish depiction of three women enjoying a relaxing spa day, adorned with celebratory motifs.

Your art is described as whimsical, charming, and colorful. Do you agree with this or would you describe your art in other ways?

Yes, I would agree. I think my art is my inner child having fun, as my aesthetic is completely different from what I create. There isn’t a lot of color in my everyday life: my wardrobe is predominantly black and my home has a lot of neutral colors. There’s quite a big contrast between my life and my art, but I think creating has always been my safe place to explore and exist away from the real world. 

What is your ultimate goal that you’d like to achieve as an artist?

I’ve never really been one to set goals for myself. I’m more of an “I’ll figure it out along the way” kind of person. To me, being an artist isn’t about notability, it’s about doing something that makes me feel happy and fulfilled (and hopefully others, too!). I’m still very early on in my freelancing career and I have no idea what will happen in the future. That is the most exciting part for me! I’ve always wanted to travel and I think my ultimate dream would be to fully support myself through my work and live on the road.

Do you consider yourself a party person? What do you enjoy more, planning a party or attending one?

I think I was a big party person when I was younger, but now a good TV series and a cozy blanket on the sofa is much more appealing! I definitely enjoy attending a party more than planning one. I am extremely disorganized, so I think planning a party would be a disaster!

When you were little, did you dream of becoming an artist? What would little you say after meeting you in the present?

Little me would not believe where I am today. Adult me can’t believe it sometimes! There is nothing else I ever wanted to do with my life. As a child, I was always drawing, painting, and crafting. When I was in school, I would doodle over everything (that would usually get me in trouble). I’d jump at any opportunity to be in art class and I was always happiest when drawing. I never in a million years thought it would be something I could make a career out of and I’m so grateful that I get to do the thing I love every day.

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