Meghann Rader X Greetings Island

Interview and capsule collection featuring artist Meghann Rader, accompanied by her portrait overlaid with a serene blue butterfly illustration, capturing her smiling gaze directed at the camera.

Meghann Rader is an incredible artist whose work is loved all around the world. Her ability to capture the most beautiful emotions in one image is why Greetings Island proposed a collaboration to expand our invitation card design collection.
Discover her creative process, her inspirations, and other interesting facts in our interview with her.

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Quote cover banner adorned with intricate details extracted from Meghann Rader's designs, weaving her signature illustrations into a tapestry that captures the imagination and adds a touch of artistic elegance.

“I love that I’m able to spend my days doing what lights me up, challenges me, and makes me feel fulfilled. And I love seeing other people connect with and find joy in my work as well.”

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