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Designing Cards & Invitations

How to add & edit text

Please note: Not all text elements are editable.


On every invitation there is a suggested text with event details. You can edit the suggested text by clicking on it and replacing part or all of the text with your own event details, or you can delete the whole text and start from scratch.

Text location

can be changed by dragging the dashed frame around it.

Add New text box

click the button at the top right.

Delete text

by clicking the garbage can button in the lower left corner of a text box.

Cards and eCards

To personalize your card, click the “Edit Inside” button (only on printable cards). Select the location and number of texts and photos you prefer by choosing a layout from the menu on the left.

Click on the text to edit it or replace it with one you create. You can also choose an alternate ready-made text from “SUGGESTED MESSAGES.” button on text properties window.

Changing text formatting – Click on the text you want to change. From the “STYLE YOUR MESSAGE” menu, create a new text style using the font, color, size, and alignment options. All the text in the box will automatically change to your selections.

How to add & edit Photos


Please note: Not all invitations support adding photos.
Choose an “add a photo” based invitation. On invitation editor, click the “+add photo” area, and add a photo from your device or from facebook.

Cards and eCards

Photos on front of the card

Only Cards marked as “add a photo” allow to add photos front page as part of design.

Photos inside the card

To add photos to the inside of a card, choose an option from the “Change Laout” menu on the left, according to the number of photos you’d like to add,click the “+add photo” area, and add a photo from your device or from facebook.

Photos on the back of the card

The card back is pre-formatted with an option to add one photo, if desired,

Edit photo

Photo editing can be done by clicking the magic wand icon that appears in the top right corner of the photo. You can resize the photo, rotate, add effects, and change frame shapes (cards only).

Remove photo

Removing a photo is done by clicking on the garbage bin in the top left corner of the photo.

How to add & edit Stickers

Click the on the button on top right menu , then use the drop-down menu to choose from various categories themes. To add your desired sticker, click it or drag it onto the card or invitation. Stickers can be resized and deleted.

Printing & Downloading

Obtain a Copyright release form

When printing in print shops, may be required to present a signed Copyright release form. Click here to download a release form.

How to print a card

Personalize text and photos. Once finished click on NEXT ❯ button on the top right corner of the Card Creator page. From the pop-up “Print” menu, select printing properties:
Card Size: Full Size or Half Size. We recommend Full size as it fits 7 x 5 envelope.
Paper Type: Letter Size paper (used in the US & Canada), or A4 (used in the rest of the world.)
Printer Type: Single Side Printing or Two Sided Printing

Two Sided (duplex) Printer

As most new printers can be set to automatically print on both sides of the paper, selecting this option will save you printing one side of the card at a time. To print a card on a 2-sided printer, make sure you enable that feature in your printer’s “Printing Preferences” dialog box when it pops up. (Look for “two-Sided Printing,” “Print on Both Sides,” etc.)

The following are screenshots & links that demonstrate how to define 2-sided printing on different browsers and operating systems:
How to select duplex printing on windows 7 and above & internet explorer
How to select duplex printing on chrome
How to select duplex printing on iPad / iPhone
How to select duplex printing on mac firefox
How to select duplex printing on mac safari
How to select duplex printing on windows XP

Single Sided Printer

In order to print the card on 2 sides of the same paper, you will need to print 1 side at a time. As illustrated in the printing directions, it is recommended to mark the top right side of the paper, then print the first side of the card. Insert the same paper into the printer’s paper feeder with the marked corner on the top left side with the mark faced down, then print the inner page of the card.

If you experience problems with one-sided printing, we recommend printing only the first page (which contains the graphic elements on the outside of the card) and then writing the greeting text inside by hand.

Fold the card in the middle, and cut the card edges using scissors or a paper trimmer. Voila!

How to print an invitation

Personalize the text with your event details, when done click the NEXT ❯ button in the top right corner of the Invitations designer and "Download/Print or Send", Select the "Print" tab from the dialog menu.
Choose between “4 invitations on a paper,” “2 invitations on a paper,” or “1 invitation on a paper.”
Consider the size envelope you want to use when you make your selection.
For best results, use heavy weight paper, such as card stock.
Select the number of copies you would like to print in your printer’s “Printing Preferences” dialog box when it pops up. (We suggest starting with 1 copy to make sure the result is as expected.)
Print the invitations and cut the edges using scissors or a paper trimmer . Voila!

Printing: Troubleshooting

Invitation / card is not centered, or the inner side doesn't fit the outer side:

Open printer properties window.
Make sure the defined paper size fits your actual paper size (A4 or letter)

Invitation/ Card edges are cut off or the card printed landscaped :

Open printer properties window.
Make sure that the invitation orientation selected is “Portrait”.

Low quality of printing

Choose the highest quality printing that your printer is capable of (‘Best,’ ‘Fine,’ etc.)
Make sure to select color printing, not black & white.
Heavyweight paper, such as card stock, is recommended.

Download cards and invitations


Click on the NEXT ❯ button and choose "Download".
Choose Image (perfect for print, online sharing via email or other messaging platforms) or PDF (perfect for printing).
For a PDF download, choose between “4 invitations on a paper,” “2 invitations on a paper”, or “1 invitation on a paper.”
Print and cut the edges using scissors or a paper trimmer.
Please consider the envelope size you plan to use when you make your selection.


Click on the NEXT ❯ button and choose "Download PDF".
Choose the Card Size - “Half Size” produces a card that fills half the page. “Full Size” creates a card that fills the whole page, and fits 5 x 7 envelope. Consider the envelope size you plan to use when you make your selection.
Choose the Type of Paper. (Letter-size paper is used in US & Canada, while A4 is used in the rest of the world.)

How to open PDF files

If you can't open the PDF file, make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC. It can be downloaded for free at

Invitations watermark removal

All invitation designs contain a small credit graphic watermark to on the bottom right corner. We offer the option to remove the watermark by paying a small fee. This provides the ability to make unlimited revisions & downloads of a single design for a period of 1 year.

Saving Drafts, Favorites & Managing account

Saving & Loading Drafts

Save a draft

Save a draft of a design you are working on by clicking the “Save draft” button on the top right corner of the designer. Select a name to the project or leave the default name. Click ‘Save draft’ and wait for confirmation.

Load a saved draft

To load a saved draft, first make sure that you are signed in to your account on the top right corner of the site, where you can also access your Saved Drafts. Within that page, click "Edit" next to the draft you would like to load.

Saving & Loading favorite designs

Greetings Island has thousands of designs to choose from, you can have your own list of the designs you like on a single page - simply by adding them to favorites. When browsing the different designs - look for a when hovering on design thumbnail, or “Add to favorites” text on design preview pages. Clicking this will add it to the favorites list ,clicking again will remove it from the list.
To view your favorite items, navigate to my my favorites page within your account.

Managing your account

You can update your name, password & email or delete the account on the settings page.
Changing email address is not possible, contact us and we will do it for you.

Sending & viewing eCards

Sending an eCard

  1. After you finish customizing your eCard, click on the NEXT ❯ button.
  2. Choose between the following options:
    • Email - In the “SEND VIA EMAIL” dialog box, enter your name, your email address, and the email addresses of the recipient/s in the appropriate fields. Click “Send” to mail the link to your eCard to the address/es on your list.
    • Facebook - Share your eCard on your own Timeline, on a friend’s Timeline, in a group, or in a private message.
    • Sharable link - click & copy the link, and send it to recipients using any platform such as online massaging apps, email and more.

View an eCard

When sending using email, an email with the link to the eCard will be sent to the recipients and a copy to the sender. Simply click on the link to open the eCard page.


How to add & edit Photos

Please note: It is highly recommended that you save a draft of your calendar frequently during its creation so the time and effort you put into the preparation won’t be lost.
Adding Photos

Place your cursor over each designated photo slot on the calendar, and click to add a photo to the slot. You can upload photos from your computer/device or import them from Dropbox or Facebook. It is also possible to select between various numbers of photos for each month and cover page.

Editing Photos

After adding a photo to a slot, it is possible to reposition the photo with click & drag.Zoom, rotate, and add effects using the Edit Photo floating menu.

Removing Photos

Click on the garbage bin in the top left corner of the photo to remove it.

Add/Edit Events & Notes

For your convenience, you can pre-select national and religious Holidays before customizing the calendar on the settings page.

In order to add birthdays, anniversaries and other life events, simply click the date in the calendar and add your desired text. Note that text length for each date is limited.

Printing & Binding

Once you’re done customizing, click the ‘Finish’ button and download a PDF file of your calendar. Each page represents one month.

Print your calendar at home using regular or heavy weight paper, or have a print shop do the printing for you.

To bind the calendar, drill/paper-punch a hole in the center top area of the calendar, or use a professional binding machine. Many print shops offer spiral binding for a nominal fee.

Browser compatibility

Greetings Island is most compatible with the following browsers:


Internet Explorer versions 11 and above Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome


Safari version 6 and above Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome


Safari version 6 and above